Prince Kapoor

5:50 PM, 22nd Feb 2018

6 PowerPoint Alternatives You Must Try Right Now

So, you need to make a presentation at work and are stuck at those boring slides? 

No doubt Microsoft PowerPoint has been unchallenged winner here. But there are certain drawbacks which made me shift to alternatives. First, the Yearly costs. Why pay for PPT when there are free alternatives available? And second: The outdated slide templates. 

Let’s talk about the best PPT alternatives 

1. Canva 
You must have heard about Canva and probably you must have used it for creating banners or Kindle covers. But very few of us know Canva has super presentation templates. All you have to do is choose one of the templates based on your topic. It also include free and paid stock photos. You can also use your own stock photos but if you want to add Canva’s paid stock photos, there is cost involved which is $1 per Image. As templates are regularly updated, designs are fresh each time you go through them. 
Pros: Simple, Very easy to learn, vast collection of pre-loaded custom fonts 
Cons: Maximum of 30 slides, Features like animations, video recording are missing 

2. Haiku Deck
Similar to Canva, Haiku deck is cloud based presentation which works on web and phone both. Unlike canva, this is focused towards Presentations only and hence there are many advanced features available. 
Pros: Great collection of graphics 
Cons: Only limited to Presentations 

3. Prezi 
Prezi is another great tool for creating presentations. One unique feature I liked about prezi was its zoom function. You can emphasis on a specific portion to convey your message. But the cost was a turn off which is $59 for premium version. There is a free version too but it has certain limitations. Prezi takes some time to get used to it but once you learn how it works, it’s a piece of cake. 
Pros: Multiple formats allowed and other advanced features 
Cons: Costly 

4. WPS Office 
This tool is not only powerpoint alternative, it replaces the whole MS office completely. There are certain things which I missed like the ability to create videos out of PPT. Using MS powerpoint, it’s easy to create videos just by converting an existing slideshow. For MS office users, the looks and functions are pretty much same. Only change you will see is the ads triggered with some features. 
Pros: Perfectly replaces MS office 
Cons: Compatibility issues and ads 

5. Google Slides 
Google slides is a basic yet elegant presentation creation tool. It comes under Drive where you can easily create a new slide. Google slides are very easy to use and one can learn it very quickly. You can make videos but you can’t import audios though. Also, you won't find much transitions like MS office or WPS. 
Pros: Easy and fast 
Cons: Limited features available 

6. Keynote 
Keynote comes as a part of Apple’s Office Suite. It is also free with certain Mac OS. Keynote is very powerful tool and can work as perfect alternative for PowerPoint. But the monthly cost again is a turn off. 
Pros: Compatible with PowerPoint 
Cons: Limited to Apple users only. 

These are most used alternatives of PowerPoint. I know many of you must be using PowerPoint since long and are used to it. Personally I am a big fan of PowerPoint and its animation abilities but the boring design of templates kills me. Luckily, I have found a workaround for the same. I choose some good templates from Canva and import them to PowerPoint slides . This way I am able to get those stunning designs of Canva and powerful animations of PowerPoint. 

If you find some other PowerPoint tools as alternative , please let me know in the comments below.  
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