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6:00 PM, 12th Mar 2018

Use these 7 hacks to get better Content Marketing results

"Content Marketers are the most empathetic marketers. We spend our time thinking 'What does our audience want?'" 

This is an amazing and apt quote by Rand Fishkin. Every content marketer has one question hovering in their mind all the time - How can I help my target audience?. This is what makes content marketing one of the most exciting tactics in the whole gamut of marketing. 

Content Marketing rules the marketing world right now with the humongous amount of content being produced by individuals and brands alike. Let's have a look at some Content Marketing statistics (Source): 

  • 63% of B2B and 60% of B2C marketers are committed to Content Marketing big time 
  • 68% of customers feel confident about a brand after consuming their content 
  • 94% of B2B marketers use LinkedIn as a part of Content Marketing Strategy 
  • 3 is the average number of paid methods used by B2C marketers to amplify their content 
  • 75% marketers are increasing their Content Marketing budgets 
Glancing through these statistics, you can understand the importance of content in the whole marketing game. 

Content Marketing is not an easy tactic or strategy to execute. It requires lots of dedication, creativity, understanding of customers and love for data. Marketers struggle to come up with fantastic content ideas many times. Sometimes they miss the target by assuming their content is useful for their audience. And sometimes marketers struggle with the tools for producing the right format of content. 

As you can see, producing content which will be consumed by your target audience is a challenging task in itself. So you, as a marketer, need to give the best assistance to your content artifacts as possible. So here are 7 hacks which you can employ in getting the best results from your Content Marketing efforts: 

Repurpose your Content 

Content Repurposing is basically changing the format of your content piece for a different set of audience. It is effective because it helps you reach more people in their desired format. For example, if you sell a product which is useful for both baby boomers and millennials, the former would prefer a blog post with details whereas the latter might appreciate a fancy video on Instagram. Content repurposing helps you reach multiple target audience with the same content piece but in multiple formats. 

So if there's a scope of repurposing the content you produced, grab that opportunity. Your next blog post can become a slide deck on Slideshare, a video on Facebook or even an infographic on 

Share Like Your Life Depends On It 

You have put in lots of thoughts and time into producing a content piece which you believe can help your prospects. But unless and until you share it with your readers, they are not going to consume it. Generally, most of the marketers produce a content and share it immediately on social media networks like Twitter, Facebook Page, and LinkedIn and assume that the job is done. 

No, not even close! With the amount of content produced every minute, your product is just a tiny drop in a BIG ocean. Sharing it once is not going to do your efforts any favor. You need to share it like your life depends on it. Share your content piece multiple times on multiple networks and avenues. 

If you don't believe me, hear it from the awesome gang at Buffer. 

Tag Individuals (Influencers) 

Another important hack is connecting and notifying individuals and brands about your content by tagging them. For instance, you finished a round-up post covering opinions from multiple individuals including some influencers, tag them so that you get their attention and present them an opportunity to share the same. When an influencer or an individual with a good social following shares your content, the reach explodes immediately. 

So next time, make sure you tag individuals who will benefit from your content piece while sharing on social networks. And don't worry about folks getting pissed off as Mr. Guy Kawasaki had once told, 

"If you’re not pissing someone off on social media, you’re not using it aggressively enough.” 

Share Everywhere 

Ok, you just prepared an awesome content piece and shared it on your blog and your social media pages. Do you think your job is done? Hell no. 

Your content, into which you have put in so much efforts, needs much more than that. Make sure you share your content piece wherever possible - Be it LinkedIn Groups, Facebook Groups and much more. And don't think that you are spamming as long as long as you're sharing on relevant forums and your content piece isn't awful. 

Reference Wherever Possible 

Another hack which will help your content reach is referencing it at the right avenues. 

You should identify the right avenues to reference your content and do that to help the right audience. 

Pin It & Show It 

Another way to get more attention to your latest content piece is by pinning it your social networks. By pinning, you can keep a particular content piece on the top of the feed as the image here. 

As of now, you can pin specific content on your Twitter Profile and Facebook Pages. 

Share It With Subscribers 

This is one of the easiest hacks to implement to boost your content marketing. As soon as you have produced your content, you can share it with your email subscribers, customer list or even prospect list (provided you have permission). This will put your content piece in front of a good number of folks who might find it useful and share it. 

You can share your content as a newsletter or an email to the list. 

So drop the notion that you produced a content piece, shared it once on your social channels and job's done. It's never that easy. 

Content marketing is an on-going process and it's important to keep at it so that you stay on your reader's mind. Make use of every channel out there with the focus that it will help someone out there.
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