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4:07 PM, 11th Apr 2018

What Are The Best Sales Tools For Startups?

Sales is a people business, but that doesn't mean that tools can't help you work more efficiently. Data, automation and integrations can make your work easier, your customers happier and your business more profitable.

If you haven't already embraced the flood of great software in the sales market, it's time to start. Here are some of the best tools out there for modern sales reps.

Clearbit Connect

Clearbit's Gmail extension is already used by more than 40,000 people. It sits on top of your Gmail to enrich each of your contacts with contextual information about where they work, their role, the company size, fundraising updates and much more.

That alone is worth the free install, but there's more to it. You can use Connect to find email addresses from people within a company and search for people by job title. This is the easiest tool we've ever used to find more lead opportunities. Paired with tactful outreach emails, it's a no-brainer for sales teams.

Salesmate CRM

Salesmate is an intelligent business CRM that assists companies in converting leads into customers. The platform is simple and easy-to-use and can be personalized by every sales person in the team. This enables them to work with a software they can navigate flawlessly and boost their productivity in the process.

With Salesmate, sales teams can manage their pipeline efficaciously and save time in all aspects of their work processes. The platform’s assistance allows them to capture leads with less effort. On top of that, the software automates parts of the workflow so the sales team spend more time engaging potential customers rather than managing data.

Moreover, Salesmate makes certain that businesses do not lose track of valuable leads. The software notifies the sales team of a prospect that has not been followed-up to ensure that they are continually engaged with. This allows businesses to keep valued contacts and maintain communications with them.


Slack is a messaging app that brings all your communication together in one place. It offers real-time messaging, archiving and search for modern teams. You can have all your team communication in one place, instantly searchable, available wherever you go.


Scheduling demos and meetings is a friction point that we can all say goodbye to.

You choose your available hours and meeting length, then send your future customers a simple Calendly link that they can use to book a convenient time. It's a solution to a simple problem, but it often eliminates a lot of back and forth emails about scheduling.

It integrates nicely with all the major calendars as well as tools like Zapier and MailChimp. That means when people book meetings, you can trigger events such as automatically sending them a spec sheet via MailChimp or an email asking for feedback after the meeting. This tool is an absolute must.

What doesn't FollowUp Software do? Here's an overview:

  • It connects to your Gmail to track opens.
  • It can automatically send follow up emails when people don't respond to your emails.
  • It's super flexible. Just BCC a custom date--like [email protected] or [email protected]--to any email to get a reminder on that date.
  • It allows you to schedule emails to be sent later.


Whether you're collecting business cards or scanning your notes, Evernote mobile scanning app is the best way to go paperless. It automatically recognizes business cards and pulls out pertinent information like name, business and email address to be saved in your contacts.

It even has a template to automatically follow up with people you've just met. You could pair that with Clearbit Connect and Followup Software for a seriously efficient outreach process.


Qualaroo is a tool that lets you run simple surveys on your website. You can target people based on referral source, time on page or even the likelihood that they're getting ready to leave.

It's a great tool for marketers, but there are some cool ways that sales teams can use it also. For example, you can route a new lead to a salesperson based on a survey response. You can also collect valuable data on why prospects leave before signing up for a demo or free trial using their exit surveys feature.


You probably use PDFs, presentations and other documents in your sales process. Those documents are really easy to lose track of--until you start using Attach. This tool helps you track where a document goes and who interacts with it even after you hit send. It's like mixing Dropbox with Google Analytics.


Social media is an excellent resource for sales teams, but it's easy to get overwhelmed with the fast pace. Mention helps marketing and sales teams create and monitor alerts for prospects, competitors and even their own business.

Monitoring works across all the popular social networks like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn as well as blogs, forums and news sites. If the people, companies or keywords you track get mentioned anywhere online, you'll know about it.


All of these tools work on their own, but they work even better as pieces of a larger sales strategy. Zapier is a tool that connects more than 500 apps, making it easy to create automated workflows. For instance, you can pass data from Mention to Help Scout or from Clearbit to Calendly. There are so many ways to make these apps work together to save you time.

The future of sales will rely on data, great tools and informed sales teams. Don't fall behind the curve--now is the time to start adopting better sales tools.

LinkedIn Sales Navigator
Not exactly the cheapest tool from this list, however it’s a great for lead generation. Sales Navigator has a wide arrange of useful filters that allow you to effectively search for potential clients. It gives you analytics, insights and recommendations so you can stay updated and focus on the right people.


A Chrome-plugin that acts as robot you can issue to visit LinkedIn profiles and collect their contact info. Just set the filters to target your customer persona and have Dux Soup visit the list. Not only will you have all kinds of useful data on them, it will also show you visited their profile, which can be enough for lead generation already. You can export this data in .CSV lists and then use these later on to get email addresses for example.


Know when your emails are opened. Email tracking for Gmail & Google Inbox is an email tracking extension for Gmail and Inbox that lets you know if the emails you’ve sent have been read or not.

MailTrack extension adds the double-check marks to your Gmail so you can easily track emails and get a read receipt. This is the only free Mailtracker in the Chrome Web Store to trace emails for free forever.

If i have missed any of the tools, kindly suggest them in the comment! :)

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Hardik Lashkari

Hi Mehul, Great tools shared! Following your posts to learn more such tips and tricks.

Ratnesh Mittal

Nice compilation of sales tools, Mehul! I use some of these myself but you have added to my list of the ones to try. Allow me to add 2 to this list. - Helps you digitalise your tasks list and best of all connects with Alexa, Siri, Apple Watch, Google Drive etc etc. The second is actually my preference over In addition to most things that followup does, has one unique feature that is super useful for sales people. It's called Respondable. Basically, as you type out a proposal note or a follow up to a customer, their AI engine predicts your chances of getting a response! You can edit your content and improve the probability of a response. And it works inside Gmail or Outlook.

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