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1:58 PM, 6th May 2018

Starting out a career as a writer? Romanticize writing

Starting out a career as a writer requires a shitload of patience and perseverance. But, becoming a writer is as easy as moonwalk. Since you don’t become a writer when first of your many creations get published but when you sit down to pen.

If you can think, you can most certainly write too. Writing is essentially an ability to express yourself. Writing well is something that comes around with practice and patience like any other skill. One and all are capable of producing decent content. Better content. The hysteria around writing snappy and catchy stems from the branches it spreads out.

The more you write, the better you become. It is as simple as that.

If you are on a roll to let your creative juices flow, then someday will always seem far away until you decide to at least try.

Being a writer and getting paid for it as well is a real deal. All you need is writing samples to prove that you are worth your salt.

Your samples can be anything ranging from websites, blogs or simple stories you wrote as a creative outlet. You don’t need to be a professional on Forbes or Huffington Post. All you need is some confidence in your writing.

If you want to zero in one specific industry or niche, use your writing samples to show your expertise on your subject. Content is the crowned head in the naiveté of writing. Period. Each piece comes into being with an idea and a script.

 Just start somewhere — anywhere and go everywhere eventually. Start small and build. Start out with magazines, publications, and websites with a brand value. Get a taste of a writer’s life.

Hours, months, and years of practice would provide you with a ground to meet deadlines. 

It doesn’t matter whether you want to get published by Penguin or Hachette Livre. Writing short pieces will shape you for a long term. Write for real rather than shoving drafts of your imaginary novel into the drawer.

Now, you are bound to suffer from two styles of diseases on odd days. One is you are not cut-out for writing. Another is you are an equal of Agastha Christie. Eventually, you will come to your senses just when you see the red markup on your article.

I would advise budding writers to write on Quora with or without expecting much adulation. You will absorb and drastically improve your structural and conceptual flow of writing.

If you read books, try submitting reviews online. It can get your name out and lead to something bigger. If you don’t read, well, surrender now.

You must read extensively to find your flair. 

Start a blog to be consistent in the game. Romanticize your creations and work up your mental den dons to build your own audience. It’s a lot convenient to get your ideas heard and your words published. You’d be surprised at how many people share your views. Extensively use your social media channels to market your content.

Luckily, I started mine two years back. And, what a roller coaster it has been! Visit me at and say hi.

Small wins in life are the precursor to bigger wins.

Good luck and let me know how it goes!


Chandrima Bandyopadhyay

Hi..I also have started my personal blog a few months ago and now running more or less well..and I have been quite inspired by your writing or suggestions.. thanks

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