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6:27 PM, 11th May 2018

Some Thing for the Weekend to Contemplate

Even if only 10% of Indians had been as curious about,

How Judge Loya Died?

How Haren Pandya was shot dead inside a car and there was not a drop of blood in the car?

How Modi knew about incident at Godhra before it had taken place?

How, Sohrabuddin was killed and how Kausar Bi just disappeared from the face of earth?

How, Ishrat Jahan died?

How Nirav Modi got to deposit 90 Crores few hours before the demonetization decision?

How Nirav Modi managed to take his whole family out of India days before the 11,400 Crore scam broke?

How Vijay Mallaya escaped?

How Lalit Modi made himself and Peter Mukereja rich?

How Anil Ambani's Reliance Defense registered as a company two days before the Rafael Deal got a 35,000 Crore offset contract?

How government is selling Petrol and Diesel at a 177% markup from production price?

How Judge Loya's phone traveled 500+ kilometers from Nagpur to Latur on its own and landed in the hands of Ishwar Baheti and all records were wiped clean?

How Jay Shah turned a 50,000 rupee capital company into a company with turnover of 80,00,00,000?

How Mahesh Shah with 13,000 Crore disclosure during Demonetisation, was arrested from inside a TV Studio and never heard of again?

How 2000 rupee notes replacing 500/1000 notes were going to end corruption?

How Ratan Tata got 30,000 Crores as subsidy for his Tata Nano car?

How Gautam Adani got land at throwaway prices?

How Arun Jaitley took laptops and printers on hire per day for 1/3rd their cost and ended up with an asset base of 400 Crores while a few years back, he used to sit outside Kirti Azad's office and drive a beaten up Fiat?

How BJP managed to build an office worth 1350 Crores when it has been in power for just 4 years in the center and had received donations worth 800 Crores?

As they are about how Sridevi died,

Indian media wouldn't have taken them for a ride

Source ||Quora||

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