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5:58 PM, 24th May 2018

Lets Refresh Yourself Today!

Are you hungry?

Starters(pick any 2) :

1. Get up early (you can accomplish 20% more during 5 am to 8 am).
2. Exercise at least for 30 minutes daily (you have no choice on this).
3. Meditate /pray/ visualize positive things/do Yoga for 30 minutes every day.

Main course (pick any 4) :

1) Invest in best clothes you can afford-along with good shoes (It has been proved, that better dressed people appeal 15 % more-all things being equal).
2) Outsource everything, which is not your core competence. 
3) Reduce your mobile time by 30 % (Mobile phones are the biggest time waster) 
4) At least take one bold decision, which you were always scared to take. (No one want to die with regrets- do you?) 
5) Train your brain to think creatively every day.

Desserts (pick all) :

1. Take at least 2 vacations in a year. Enjoy being with yourself.
2. Devote atleast one day a week for family n friends. 
3. Learn a new hobby. Play Guitar or do swimming.
4. Smile at all possible times. Not in a creepy way though.
5. Watch one movie in a cinema hall every month (It is therapy for the soul) 
6. Read at least 12 books in a year. ( 1 every month) 
7. Start picking & completing things undone. Discard unwanted & unused stuff from your house and your mind. 
8. Get in touch with one old friend whom you have not spoken for years. 
9. Laugh often. 
10. Give yourself a treat and go and eat something awesome.

And you feel refresh every month. And not bored from your regular life.

Pic Credits: Free stock photos · Pexels

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