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6:25 PM, 17th Mar 2018

Growth Hacking Complete Plan for a Growth Hacker from a Growth Hacker

Growth Hacking is not about learning. It is about learning → experimenting → failing → learning → practising → implement → Success.

There is no rocket science behind Growth Hacking. You need to learn it play with it and implement it.

Everything is interconnected whether it is content marketing to social media marketing or from blogging to bookmarking websites.

But before you get in, I need to tell you something. Hacks, yes hacks will surely work for you but don’t forget to collect the numbers. Always be ready to set the goals with Numbers.

It is very necessary to keep a daily check on Analytics of your campaigns. Because if you are not analysing the results then your work is totally waste, and you will have nothing to show to your consumers.

Compare the statistics of current month campaign to last month campaign and show the statistics.

Now let’s start -

Things in which you need get your hands dirty:

  • Social Media Marketing -It is the most important aspect of Growth hacking. Everything you create, everything you perform, you need to be socially active with what you are doing.

If you are not leveraging social media, then you are leaving behind a big chunk of your growth.

Social Media Channels -

  1. Facebook — Favourite platform of the users, for the users, by the users.
  2. Twitter — Share maximum information in 140 keywords.
  3. Instagram — Share your image with relevant hashtags
  4. LinkedIn — Let it be your online resume
  5. Pinterest — Create boards and Pin your images

There are many social media channels which can be listed.

  • Internet Forums — Yes, Social Media is dominating everything from sharing to introducing new products, but niche Forums are still the best platforms to share the insights.
  • Blogs — When there is a matter of content then blogs are the best place where you can find quality content. Blogs are now becoming a synonym of quality content. You need inspiration for content, find best blogs around the niche.
  • Content Marketing — Whether it is blogging or guest blogging, content comes first because Content is King. 
  • If you are good at creating content then start writing content for your blog or website or hire a freelancer to create content for you because if you want to stand out from others, then you need to share useful and quality content.
Pro TIP: Use different Forums, Q&A websites to get inspiration for content topics.
  • Re-purpose your content -
  • Q&A Websites — Q&A websites plays a very important role to create brand awareness. Share your experience by answering the questions related to your product.
  • Best examples are — Quora and Reddit
Pro TIP Use Q&A websites to ask questions related to your business. Be anonymous and review your product. Create topics and enter information about it.

How to use Quora for Reddit and Vice Versa?

  • Social Media Niche Groups — First, create a profile on all the social media channels, share quality content. Now to spread your roots and to get more exposure, find Niche groups and participate in them.

Let’s say you are in food product business then log into Facebook and search Food Business group in the search. You will find different food product business related groups. Join them, engage with the members with more information for the same industry. Let other members know that you are an established brand.

Pro TIP (after joining Group) Do not try to spam with your advertisement post from the very first day. They will either remove from the post or will block you. First engage with members, educate them.
  • Trend — Use Google trends to get the latest trend in your industry. Set alerts for the topics. Use those trend topics to create content.

Pro TIP: Now, you can set email alerts for the topics you choose.

(Read More about Google Trends: Google Introduces Google Trends Email Alerts, Trending Topics and Hot Searches Delivered To Your Inbox — Search Engine Journal )

  • SlideShare — Slide is an addition content sharing platform where you can share your content in the form of slides or ppt. In SlideShare now you get four different formats in which you can upload your content.
  • Presentations
  • Videos
  • Infographics
  • Documents
Pro TIP:  You can add a link to any text,s but slideshare doesn’t allow any link up to first three slides so create your slides according to it.
  • YouTube — In Visual Marketing, videos gets maximum engagements than images and GIFs. So create tutorials of your product and share them on all social media channels.
Pro TIP:  Use YouTube to educate people about the keywords and techniques used in your product’s sector.
Let’s say you have a software as a product (SaaP) — Then shoot tutorial videos and educate your target audience and they will help you to share it.
Pro TIP:  Ask bloggers to write a review of your product and in return offer them service of your product and let them be your voice (and ambassador) on social media.
  • Blog Commenting — One of the ways to build backlinks is to comment on the top quality blog posts. For e.g — MozQuicksprout, etc.
Pro TIP : Use social media profiles to log in, to comment, on blogs. Those social media profiles should be with your product name.

Tools to use:

For Content Inspiration -

BuzzSumo — Find the Most Shared Content and Key Influencers

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Shovel coal into server...
Create mockups...
Defend the wall...
Draft storyboard...
Disrupt an industry...
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Become a unicorn...
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