Suhanee L Bakeri

7:56 PM, 14th Mar 2018

10 Things to Do When You're Between Jobs

You’ve quit your job, and you’re looking for a newer, better opportunity, or a more fulfilling work environment, but it’s taking its own sweet time to materialise. At first you were optimistic and enthused with the idea of accepting the best job from a long list of offers, but as time kept passing, your enthusiasm kept dipping, and now you’re just sitting at home, feeling quite hopeless and unappreciated.

Well, all that negative energy is certainly not bringing you any closer to achieving your goals. Nor is it making you a money magnet. So, instead of wallowing in self-pity, I suggest you dust your apron, fasten the strings, and make the most of this mini break that you most certainly deserve.

Let’s start with the simple things:

1. Start sending out follow up emails to all the places you’ve applied at. Staying hidden in your shell waiting for the sun to shine on you has clearly not worked out.

2. On that note, step out and get yourself some sunshine. Plan a mini vacation in the sun with your favourite peeps. Bring out your suitcases and set off to a nearby beach, or chart out a camping itinerary. Are none of your folks free? Maybe you can look for guided group tours. @janelovestowander on Instagram, and The WOW Club online, are good places to embark your search. If neither of these works out for you, contact a good local tour operator and see what group tours they’ve got lined up.


3. Begin a new exercise routine. Look for a reputed Yoga studio; if you’re fond of dancing, check for places in your town that have workshops for shimmying, or set off on morning and evening walks with your most upbeat playlist.


4. Learn some basic cooking through YouTube videos of your favourite chefs, and whip up something new once every day. If you’re already pro at cooking, you could master a new cuisine, or bake some delicious bread. Time in the kitchen is going to prove therapeutic and meditative.


5. Speaking of meditative, find yourself a good guided meditation audio CD, chalk out an hour each day, and calm your nerves with some relaxing me-time. Meditation is a proven effective way to help you out of your lull, align your energy centres, and attract more positivity in your life.


6. Do you have a miniature porch or some space in your balcony? How about a little bit of gardening? Grow your own herbs or vegetables, and you might discover your green thumb in the process! You could use some of your produce in your own kitchen and distribute the rest among neighbours.


7. Now that you’ve got back in touch with the friendly folk around you, get to know their families, plan outings and picnics with them, invite them over for dinner to sample your goodies, and enjoy the feel good that community living has to offer.


8. Have you considered painting? Just as therapeutic as meditation, and with something to show for all your efforts in the end, bringing out your old sketchbook, or buying some new art supplies and channelling your inner Van Gogh can have you feeling on top of the world. If your artwork turns out good, you can even dress up your walls with it.


9. On that note of dressing things up, withdraw some cash and hit the malls or the high street to treat yourself to a wardrobe overhaul. There’s nothing like some retail therapy to have you feeling like a runway model!

Yes guys, you, too can treat yourselves to some brand new clothes and shoes. (We’ll keep it a secret when you come back and tell us you enjoyed your shopping spree.)


10. Buy a good book! That’s the last item on this 10 point list. But, don’t go underestimating the power of a good story. A fantasy based page turner could prove to be a great escape from your worries. It can even help your insomnia if you’re used to lying wide awake in bed wondering where your life is headed. In case you’re more of a self-help kind of person, go hit the non-fiction racks, but make sure you buy at least one book. Now, you've got to actually read it, too!

Once you’ve tried all these things for a while, you’ll either have a positive response from one of your prospective employers waiting in your mailbox, or, if you’re lucky, you’ll have found yourself a hobby that you could turn into a start-up!

Either ways, it’s a win!

Author: Suhanee L Bakeri

Written by

Suhanee L Bakeri, Marketing and Communications Lead at LightSpeed Mobility Pvt Ltd
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