Nikhil Devanikar

CEO and Co-Founder at Synchronous IT services LLP

7:31 PM, 9th Mar 2018

The Ultimate Checklist to optimise your Local Landing Page

If you manage a local business then you are most likely to have pages that are dedicated to a specific location that houses your targeted customer, a.k.a a Local Landing Page. More often than not, these pages are not optimised and are left to wolves by the SEOs, and these pages end up getting crappy content that is more or less same with varying locations. 

This, unfortunately, checks every box in Google's doorway pages algorithm i.e: 
  • A website targeting multiple location 
  • Excess number of pages existing just to send users to the main page without serving any kind of purpose 
  • Similar content on webpages 
Just with this, the picture looks bad; we have always known google’s stand on doorway pages, but google is going to up the ante on the algorithm to get owners of such pages in even more trouble. 

While this may seem bad for many of the local businesses as they are more often than not going to be caught in the crossfire, this can also be an opportunity to boost your local SEO efforts. 

So how to do you get the maximum positive local effect for your local landing page? 

Simple, reverse engineer the guidelines provided by google and Voila, we have our route to a better landing page and Local Landing Page SEO. 

Here's what NOT to do 

Google has strictly mentioned that you cannot target large number of locations in your website. This goes against the motive of your business as you will want to target as many location as possible for your business to get the maximum effect. 

To remedy this you can put in a refining system that screens regions and only targets the regions that give you the maximum customers. This will reduce the number of similar pages you would have to create. 

Avoid irrelevant pages: Google wants webmasters to create pages that provide value to the users and keeps the users satisfied. These pages must be able to answer the queries of the user visiting the page. Make sure that your landing page does not have thin and low quality content. 

Now we know what not to do, now let’s get down to the checklist of what to do: 

The Ultimate Checklist for Local Landing Page SEO 

  1. Ensure that NAP (Name, Address, Phone) should be present on all the pages 
  2. Noticeable and smart call to actions that are capable to attract user’s attention. 
  3. Display testimonials 
  4. Detailed About Us page 
  5. The pages should not be blocked in any way to both users and the bots 
  6. Mobile Friendly 
  7. Maintain proper URL Hierarchy: domain/category/subcategory/page 
  8. The landing pages should be easily accessible: Having these pages in the main menu where users would be able to find these pages easily is a must. 
  9. Add Locations to your keywords, but make sure that the keywords appear on the page naturally, google is not dumb. 
  10. Implement schema markup on your site as well as landing pages: this was mentioned last year that schema was going to be a ranking factor in future, so it’s better to cover all your bases, besides it makes your snippets look pretty. 
  11. Off- Page Factors: Local SEO and ranking is highly depended upon the other sources and the citations your listing or website has. And also how genuine and effective your citations are. 
  12. And last but not the least, localized, unique, quality content; that talks about your services and your USP’s, also making sure that it answer most of the possible queries a user may have when he visits your landing page. 
So there you have it folks, keep true to this checklist and it will ensure you have excellent local SEO results. If you have any queries mention them in comments. Thank you.
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