Jaskeerat Kwatra (jk)

7:23 PM, 19th Apr 2018

Tips for interacting with Elite clients!!


Recently, someone in boxed me that can you give me some "Tips for interacting with Elite clients!!" so i thought why not to share my thoughts and experiences here too.

Just to start with what my experience says there is no term as Elite for clients .. All clients or prospects are Elite only, so you can't differentiate which is superior and which is not. . All you need to bear in mind that the prospect you are trying to convert into a client is listening to you just because they want you to deliver them as promised and they are looking for a solution or service for themselves for which they are paying you. 

Gaining new clients is a big challenge for any business. We need to make calls, do advertising , marketing ,Presentations and so on to gain the attention of the customer as what industry or services we are catering to and then we spend our energy in taking that appointment, and explaining them about who what why and how?

So lets focus on some pointers what every client looks at:

1) Stop Narrating the script , please

Your clients aren't robots. Neither are you.I have seen this often in a high volume work environments - we start interacting in a robotic way-same greetings, same calling pitch , same solutions . Bear in Mind you are not the only one out there offering that product/service. There are others too and the prospect you are tapping too has already got such calls. Be creative, Be straight. try to humanise rather than a scripted conversation.

2) Keep Records:

Its usually seen that we want to follow up but we dont know what last conversation we had with the clients. Always keep record of your last conversation and follow ups

3) Pitch Need Not Anything or Everything:

Always remember time is the key, which neither you have nor the person you speaking to so before picking the phone to call understand whom you are going to pitch , is the person responsible for that product or service and do some homework on the company -will they need what is being pitched. This will give some confidence to your client that they are in the right hands and are offered as what is required.

4) Feedback:

No matter client is small or big, as I said initially there is no client as Elite, all client you are serving to or about to serve are elite. You should always ask for a feedback from your client even after the sales is done. This will give confidence to your client that you care and are not just for money. This shows how thankful you are to them for selecting them as your preferred service provider or partner and that you are always there for any support.

5) Negative Views:

All business have their limitations and sometimes we are not able to provide that service to the client as what is required and we have a frustrated client. Always remember, that’s your learning on how to rectify on that particular service and make your client happy. Bill Gates also once said-“our most unhappy customers are your greatest source of learning." 

Deepak Chandwani

Nice article. Very insightful

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