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6:14 PM, 12th Mar 2018

Here's why Indian startups should focus on UX

Over the past few years, India has witnessed a significant upsurge in consumer-centric product startups in the country. To a large extent, the growing importance of visual and user experience (UX) is because of this. 

Yet, we constantly hear that Indian startups don’t design products very well and that’s the reason we don’t have world-beating companies. 

Global companies like Apple and Basecamp have shown us that consumers are willing to pay higher for products that are easy to use.  

So why do Indian product startup resist putting money into UX upfront? 

Several of the Indian product based startups, overlook investing in UX because- 

  • There is a scarcity of good visual and user-experience designers. 
  • Good designers are very expensive and most startup can’t afford them. 
  • Startups tend to focus more on solutions provided or on their technology, rather than having a more people-centred approach. 
  • They place more importance on other functions like marketing, operations, HR etc. 
  • They take for granted that their product is already well-optimised and the downfall of their product/business is due to the lack of marketing or funding. 
Hopefully, the below-mentioned infographics would inspire Indian product startups to start focusing more on visual and user experience. 

Investing in UX should not be your last option. Instead, it must be among the first few things that you take care of irrespective of the size of your startup. 

Each $1 invested in UX, the returns is up to $100 
Image courtesy: Homestead 

Design-centric companies performed better than other companies by 228% 

According to a report by “Design Management Institute” (DMI), design-centric companies like Apple, IBM, Intuit, Nike, Starbucks, Target, and Walt Disney who adopted a design focus business model, outperformed their peers in S&P 500 by a whopping 228% over the last ten years! 
Keep a customer friendly approach while designing the app 

Making your product beautiful is great. But startups should first focus on usefulness and usability, only then desirability. 

It is advisable to adopt a user-centred mind-set early on in a startup; because it would be hard to tweak a corporate culture when the startup grows. This is not because people resist the change, but they resist being changed. 

The bottom line is, “Visual appeal and user experience does matter. Your customers aren't going to say 'wow your code is so beautiful!'”

If you're still unsure and have a few more questions, this should clear it up.
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