Shandilya Sushilkumarm.

CEO at Sushil Shandilya Consulting

Bengaluru Area, India

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Shandilya Sushilkumar Mahadeoprasad aka Sushil Shandilya
Last updated on Sept 24, 2015

Expert in Holistic, Practical, Reliable and Creative Corporate Communication Solutions -- Corporate Films, Mobile App Design & Development, Responsive websites, Industrial & Commercial Photography, High quality Communication Material for print, and PPT/ multimedia presentations since 1992.

Worked with people from over 22 nationalities including Egyptian, Saudi, African, Jew, American, British, Filipino, & Pakistani.

Based in Bangalore, Sushil Shandilya Consulting (aka SSC-Global) is a Visual Communication Design company committed to providing Effective, Reliable, Customized and creative Corporate Communication solutions that help you make the desirable SALE.

We consciously provide MORE use value than the cash value we seek--thereby giving you the Value for Your Money. We deliver in time always--once we sign up with you. Most of our customers are repeat customers and only 25% new customers get added every year. So far we have served over 150 Corporate Clients spread over 70 industry verticals.

We work with the TOP men in the company, the decision makers & business owners on request. We respond to each qualified business inquiry within 3 hrs of receiving the mail in the inbox or within 3 hrs of receiving the phone call.

Our first meetings are always FREE. We will spend up to 3 hrs listening for the bottlenecks that YOU are facing in your business communication. You will also have an opportunity to look at our current and past creative solutions for some of our existing clients during this meeting.

PS: For truly world-class solutions please engage us 8-12 weeks ahead of YOUR Project Deadline. Take a look at our work at

Mentor at Sushil Shandilya Consulting

Jun 1998 - Present

Mentor at Sushil Shandilya Consulting, Bengaluru since 1997. In last 5 years we made over 150 corporate videos, mobile apps, responsive websites, exhibition design and high quality brochures that enhanced client revenues by over 200% and more. All customers we acquired during last five years have been giving us REPEAT orders.

Expert in Visual Communication Design Solutions at Sushil Shandilya Consulting

Jun 1997 - Present

I head the operations in SSC-Global We are experts in providing Reliable, Creative and Timely solutions in Corporate Communication needs of your business. Our growth happens by helping you present your products and services effectively to your domestic and/or export customers and thereby directly impacting the sales target positively.


Participated in Curriculum for Living, Curriculum for Communication and Introduction Leaders Program at Landmark Education

Feb 1998 - Mar 2010

PEP Diploma in Visual Communication at National Institute of Design

Jul 1979 - Mar 1985

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Shovel coal into server...
Create mockups...
Defend the wall...
Draft storyboard...
Disrupt an industry...
Achieve profitability...
Become a unicorn...
Become Batman...