Faiz Mohammad Khan

Privacy and Security Consultant | Penetration Tester | Cyber Security Trainer

New Delhi, Delhi, India

Ethical Hacking IT Security Best Practices Vulnerability Assessment Firewalls Penetration Testing Computer Security Training
A Freelance Privacy and Security Consults who also performs Penetration Tests and provides Corporate Trainings.

Work Responsibilities:

• Provide solicited Advice/Guidance to clients on problems relating to Cyber Security and Privacy. Most queries relate to issues in getting started.
• Perform Web Application Penetration Test against client’s website
• Provide Corporate Training on
• Employee Security Awareness Training
• Web Application Hacking
• Metasploit for Pentesters
• Python for Pentesters
• Bash for Pentesters
• Powershell for Pentesters

Feel free to Contact me on:
1) LinkedIn Messaging
2) Email: [email protected]
3) Phone: +91 789 972 1337
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