Dilipkumar Mahata

Geophysicist; Geo-scientist; Seismologist, Business Analyst, Entrepreneur

Bengaluru Area, India

Seismic Interpretation Well Logging Offshore Oil & Gas Petroleum Geology Geophysics Microsoft PowerPoint Marketing and Strategy Business Strategy Formulation Business Case Preparation Structural Geology Rock Mechanics Geological Mapping Petrophysics Business Analysis Planning & Monitoring business management Creating Successful Businesses Seismic Design Advance excel Oil & Gas MS Excel Pivot Tables Sales / Business Development Business Performance Management International Business Experience Oil and Gas exploration Business plan Microsoft Word Microsoft Excel
• 7 Years experience in oil and gas industry as a Geoscientist
• Knowledge Project Management, Business Development and Marketing
• Experienced in Geographical Information System
• Expert in MS Excel, ArcGIS, QGIS, R, SAS, Mathematics, Statistics, QI, DI, LR
• MSc.Tech in Applied Geophysics from Indian School of Mines, Dhanbad in May, 2008
• Fluent in English, Hindi and Bengali.

- Seismic Data Interpretation
- Pore Pressure Prediction
- Seismic Data Acquisition Parameter Designing
- Hydrocarbon Resource Volume Management
- Business Analytics

Production Seismologist at Shell

Nov 2012 - Present

Significant experience in seismic interpretation and related subsurface evaluation work in a variety of geological settings; strong understanding with Field Development Planning. Proficiency with subsurface interpretation software and demonstrable skills and interest in the use of advanced Interpretation Tools and Technologies (e.g. the volume interpretation suite). Knowledge of seismic data acuisition methods and tools, and seismic processing. A Good overview of the E&P business, including subsurface opportunity generation, appraisal, and risking, including proper handling of uncertainties. Capacity for coaching/mentoring. More senior staff should have demonstrable technical/project leadership skills. Ability to multi-task regularly and to work under pressure.

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