Frequently Asked Questions

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Each Expert sets his/her own Fee for a Consultation and TapChief charges additional call charges on top of the Expert’s Fees. Therefore, this base charge will vary from Expert-to-Expert.

You are charged for a Consultation and one such Consultation could last up to 60 minutes .

At least 12 hours. This means if you’re looking at scheduling a telephonic consultation for 1900 hours on a Saturday, the latest you can request it is 0700 hours on the same Saturday.

We hope this does not happen but if it does, we’ll let you know at the earliest! If session requests last for over 72 hours and the Expert does not revert back to you, they automatically expire. In all cases, TapChief will keep you updated on your registered mail address.

At the scheduled time of the Consultation, you will receive a call from the TapChief Server (+13175762037) on your mobile number. Pick it up and we will then connect you to the Expert on the other end of the line.

TapChief will deduct INR 25 from your Wallet.