Payal Gupta

Food Stylist and CEO.Won the Super Achiever Award from Femina & WWLC.Listed as Social Media Superwomen by Social Samosa.

Mumbai, Maharashtra, India

Print Ads Brand Advertising TV production Chef Advertising
Won The Super Achiever award by Femina and World Women Leadership Congress .Food consultant bringing in, elite foodstyling to TV ads.Leveraging consumer research insights to create impactful food brands ads. I have collaborated with Asia's top 50 food brands on their TV ,Digital and Print commercials Food stylist projects.I have delved into Food Stylist for Product Packaging too.

My ability to connect with people got me working as a Qualitative consumer researcher across TNS, GFK Mode,R K Swamy and Quantum for 4 years in Mumbai later on before I decided to take a professional leap into the colorful and interesting world of food by formally training myself as a chef.Food stylist experience accompanied my training as a chef and soon they became seamless.

Food stylist for food commercials: During the last 5 years styled food and flowers for India,UAE,Pakistan,Srilanka and Thailand ,taught bread making,developed recipes for national and international brands and even upgraded my Food styling skills with management studies (IIMB) for servicing my clients better.

Advertisement Categories I have worked for are :

Food stylist for desserts
Food stylist for baked products
Food stylist for beverages
Food stylist for dairy drinks
Food stylist for Ice creams
Food stylist for Roti
Food stylist for Rice
Food stylist for Indian cuisine
Food stylist for Italian cuisine
Food stylist for Pakistani cuisine
Food stylist for Continental cuisine
and others..

Food Stylist and CEO at Chef Payal Gupta Foodstyling

Sep 2009 - Present

Food stylist,Creative Culinary director for Food brand advertisements in TV ads,Digital video,Editorial magazine stills. Beauty defies the concept of space and boundaries. Neither can it be contained. Add to that it brings in joy to the person creating it and the observer experiencing it. My work involves beautifying and perfecting food for packaging,food websites,food recipes and food commercials. At times I dress food tables up with flowers to bring in a touch of warmth to the ambiance during shoots and thus land up doubling as a food and floral stylist. Its been 6 years since I stepped into this industry and still feel as if it is my first. I have even worked as a product stylist for a FMCG companies and collaborated with various food giants to tailormake recipes for them.

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