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At the designated time of the consultation, you will receive an automated call which will connect you to the User on the other line.

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  • "Having talked to someone from the inside made me all the more confident when I faced my interviewers. I would definitely recommend Job Coach to anyone who is looking to succeed at Campus Placements. Job Coach played a crucial part in the interview that landed me my Job at Nutanix and I am grateful to them for that."

    Naman Jain, BITS Pilani
  • "The experience was just awesome. In just 2 taps I was able to get on a call with Aakrit Vaish and was able to get some really good insights on the Product and Operations front. Would recommend TapChief highly."

    Anurag Prasad, Cofounder, Visit
  • "The Job Coach program has been structured in the right way and gives students a good direction as the sessions proceed. Interaction with an industry professional is a novel way of looking at placement preparation. I love the seamless process,epecially Chat. I used it regularly to share some preparation material or communicate with my students off-call."

    Gunvarun Singh, Analog Design Engineer at Texas Instruments
  • "I got valuable suggestions regarding the placement preparation for various companies and the related skills they look for in the candidate. I thank my Coach and the Team TapChief for their support."

    Spandana Vs, BITS Pilani
  • "@tapchief works! Sought help for a serious roadblock we faced while building @TribeAppdotin & it was resolved. Helps save time & effort!"

    Roshan Cariappa, Cofounder, TribeApp.in
  • "I had a wonderful experience with TapChief Job Coach and it became an integral part of my preparation for upcoming placements in December. The team was extremely helpful throughout the program, helping me with me all my needs during preparation. For anyone looking for a single wholesome resource of campus placements, TapChief is the way to go."

    Puskar Sharma, IIT Delhi

Frequently Asked Questions

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All TapChief Calls take place via a cloud telephony service. At no point do we reveal your contact details to the consumer, thus ensuring your privacy.

No, we ensure our Experts are protected and not held liable for the advice they give via TapChief calls.

At the scheduled time of the Call, you will get an automated call from +13175762037. As soon as you pick up, you will be connected to the User on the other line.

You can use the 'Reschedule' feature to postpone TapChief Calls to a time convenient for you. If you aren't able to do that, you can also send us a mail to [email protected] requesting us to do the same.

Rates vary from Expert to Expert. The average consultation charge on TapChief is around INR 500/hour. You can set your own rate accordingly.

As soon as your telephonic consultation completes, the money will be deposited to your TapChief Wallet. You can either donate this money to charity or ask our Operations Exeutive to transfer this to your bank account. Standard taxation charges apply.

Having a complete profile helps you rank higher in our search results. Please detail in your Area of Expertise and how exactly you can help users out. Mention past work experiences and educational backgrounds.

Yes, you can do this any time by logging onto TapChief and editing the information provided to us.

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