Harshay Buradkar

Life Coach & Career Guide - Experienced Software Professional morphed to Freelancer & Entrepreneur

Pune, Maharashtra, India

Teaching/mentoring Tutoring Life Coaching
I have done many things in life from living away from home in many cities, living in US life for nearly a decade working in top companies to taking the biggest decision in life to leave a high paying job to come back to India to become an independent freelancer cum entrepreneur. I have immense learnings from making this decision, lived through many fears, stressful situations. I went from earning ten lakhs a month and driving a racing car to office to only earning 5000 a month in my transition phases to successfully building up towards a solid independent career and possibly a startup on the side too.

As a child, I wasn't studious or sincere and was very shy, and from that to what I am today has been a tremendous journey. I wouldn't say I haven't made any mistakes in life, and I feel many mistakes can be avoided if I had access to some real help and guidance in my developing years. This is why joining TapChief is remarkable for me. Feel free to get in touch with me for anything and if you want guidance in transforming your life forever. I can help with life coaching, to teaching you computer science or getting into business or startups. I also have many tools and techniques to improve daily productivity and methods for increasing motivation so that you can live a life of purpose and enjoy every part of it. I have done it all and thankfully having good results.

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Freelancer at freelancer

Feb 2017 - Present

Working with small to medium-sized businesses to build a web presence and/or e-commerce store for them. Working on developing web apps with modern javascript technologies like React, Backbone, and Angular. Building a WordPress based business

Senior Software Engineer & Lead at Intuit, Mountain View, California

Jul 2012 - Jan 2017

• Worked on a new initiative for an end user facing invoice viewer and payer solution using Single Page Architecture (SPA) using Java, Javascript, Handlebars, RequireJS, Backbone, Marionette, JQuery, REST-Easy, REST-Assured, SASS and such. • Contribute to the overall process ranging from understanding customer problems and feedback, brainstorming solutions, design discussions, etc. to actual programming. In the past: • Worked as Product Developer across from backend to front-end for a payment solutions product for small businesses that processes 20k payments a day. • Worked with Java and Groovy, Grails, CSS, HTML, etc.

Teaching Assistant at Rochester Institute of Technology

Aug 2011 - Apr 2012

* Undertake recitation classes for Computer Science undergraduate courses, involves teaching/live-coding in Python/Java/C++ * Weekly meetings with professors to track each weeks course work and planning next week's material including recitation * Holding office hours/tutoring

Software Engineer at AMD

May 2011 - Jul 2011

* Run benchmarks/workloads on latest server processors and collect vast amounts of data. * Write scripts to translate the data into required format * Workload characterization and performance modeling/analysis of latest server processors, supposed to be used to for heavy cloud computing applications * Find out opportunities to automate tasks using scripts and implement it

Game Programmer