Pradeep K

Visionary | Innovator | Strategist | Author and Poet | Trainer and More...

Bangalore, Karnataka, India

Career Counselling Forex Trading Startup Pitch Operational Strategy ECommerce Supply chain management, Operations Management, Quality Management, Productivity Market Research Project Management Turnkey Projects Websites social media management Online Help Advertising Agency Digital Strategist Android apps Consultancy Training Lead Generation Marketing Start-ups
I have during my 21+ years of experience worked in multiple Industries and possess a moderate range of skill sets in the areas of Retail and Corporate Banking, Project Management, Recruitment, Web,desk and Mobile app design and development,BPO, KPO, LPO, RPO, Logistics, Quality Assurance, Training, MIS, R&D, Supply Chain, Telecom auditing, Social Media and Medical Transcription.

-Managed variety of diversified Teams
-Managed Training for Teams
-Managed Quality for Teams
-Established and implemented departmental policies, goals, objectives, and procedures, conferring with board members, organization officials, and staff members as necessary.
-Directed and coordinated organization's financial and budget activities to fund operations, maximize investments, and increase efficiency in campaigns
-Developed and implemented product and service marketing strategies including advertising, digital campaigns and sales promotions
-Managed and increased the effectiveness and efficiency of Support Services (HR, IT and Finance), through improvements to each function as well as coordination and communication between support and business functions for the department.
-Analyzed campaigns and translated qualitative data into recommendations and plans for revising the project goals.

Customer delight is the topmost priority for me in any project. I have been instrumental in helping Companies set up successful profitable centers in a short span of time.

I am an avid blogger on various topics as well as an author and a poet.

Unique Innovations:

• ACTION-MOM – Action Oriented Documents.
• TECHCALL – Portable Call Center.
• PIONEERS – Complete Company team.
• PROPOGATOR – End to End Process Sales to Delivery.
• ACCENTUATED VERBALIZED COMPONENTS: New way of learning languages.
• UNICORN: Automated Social media marketing.
• ESCALATOR: Automated Followup and Escalation of tickets.
• BREAK-FREE: Automated Optimal break management system.

Visionary at Vision

Jun 2017 - Present

BPO CONSULTANT at [self-employed]

Feb 2017 - Present

Serving as BPO Consultant for several companies

Technology Consultant at Confidential ( Consulting Firm)

Dec 2014 - Present

Designing, coding and unit/integration testing usingPerficient methodologies, technology and toolsDebugging and troubleshooting code related issues/defectsProducing client deliverables such as detailed design documentation, unit test plans and well documented code. Gaining an understanding of the unique business and technical requirements on each engagement to facilitate the most appropriate solution design

Management Consultant at Confidential (Management Consulting)

Dec 2014 - Present

Define the problem through consultations, meetings and case studies;Review and analyze information through different reports and researches;Interview or facilitate focused group discussions with management and employees;Develop and present recommendations for the management;Develop plans and programs for change implementation in the organization

Web Developer at Website Design & Development

Dec 2009 - Present

Creating attractive and user friendly websites has always been our main agenda. We provide specialized services in wide range of domains including Web Development, Web Designing, E-commerce solutions and much more. We provide tailored web solutions that match your business requirements exactly. We have highly proficient team of web designers, web developers, web consultants and marketing professionals who strive continuously to deliver timely constrained and professional service. What We Do Offer elegant professional design options for every budget. 100% CSS, with tableless code quaranting 100% quality and w3c compliance. Custom Website Design and development We design for graphical user interfaces for the masses and do our best to deliver a user-friendly experience. Our experienced & talented professionals perform analysis of existing website and evaluate most vital content for mobile browser compatibility.

Training Consultant at Freelance Trainer

Dec 2008 - Present

I conduct and help in consulting of Training on variety of subjects for different Companies and Individuals alike. Purpose of Role: This is a consultant role with responsibility for working directly with various clients to deliver communications and learning programmes which support effective change management strategies, enabling them to achieve real ROI from their investment. Key Responsibilities to include: Client Engagement: Collaborate with Clients to craft and propose engaging and effective change management, communications and blended learning approaches Conduct client learning needs analysis Deliver selected training and coaching sessions, normally for executives or covering content of a highly client-specific nature Complete instructional design of learning materials which are targeted to the needs of the client user’s job role Conceive training infrastructure and logistics approaches, to include defining requirements for training sandboxes, collaborating with clients to schedule coaching/ training sessions, etc. Manage learning projects including some internal training Develop estimates of work and support the sales process Solution Delivery: Develop high quality training materials to support training sessions, including presentations, videos, quick reference guides, interactive eLearning, etc. Include customer business process in instructional design. Administer Learning Management System for internal and client learners. Deliver instructor led, one-on-one, or virtual instructor-led training on implementation projects and in conjunction with a highly focused team.

Lead Generation Specialist at Consultant

Dec 2008 - Present

About the Role Our team is responsible for analysing the market and qualifying leads that build pipeline. They are also be responsible for running regional campaigns focused primarily on cold calling, referral email drafting, developing and qualifying leads to the point of handoff to the Company Executive. A key requirement is to conduct business dealings in a way that creates a superior customer experience. A typical workday is comprised of sending prospective emails, making calls and doing research on executives at ad agencies located around the globe. In addition, we will be speaking with personnel who have requested information about the problems we solve. Sometimes we will have to help the customer through the free trial process demonstrating the basic features of softwares, so we are comfortable learning new technology and explaining its value. The goal is to not sell but to understand the problems and challenges prospects are faced with. Our team has strong telephone skills, are tech savvy and are able to develop information on a prospect or contacts using web searches and social media. Familiarity with SaaS technology and software sales experience is a plus. Main responsibilities: Identifying and creating new qualified sales opportunities from inbound/outbound leads "Multi-channel" follow-up – help uncover new opportunities and nurture existing opportunities Engaging with customers via telephone and email to analyze their needs Profiling the account and overcome prospect objections to generate quality opportunities for the Company Executive team Collaborating with marketing and sales on lead quality and conversion Become a trusted resource for internal and external contacts Travel to help with trade-shows and other marketing and sales events

Freelance Writer at Self

Dec 1996 - Present

Gathering information on project specific areas, staying updated on grammar and project related aspects, writing small drafts, editing and proofreading the drafts, checking for conceptual or grammatical errors in drafts, working on articles prepared by other freelance writers if required, adhering to deadlines, working on special projects if suitable, coordinating with editing manager and administrative staff, demonstrating excellent writing skills



Dec 1998 - Dec 2001

Advanced Diploma in Software Engineering (3 years)

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