Devendra(Dev) Naga

Neural networks | Robotics | CAV / V2X | CyberSecurity |

Bengaluru, Karnataka, India

LINUX Security Protocols EmbeddedSystems C Automotive Engineering Software Architecture C++ Software Development
[Interested in working with Startups in Autonomous Driving, V2X, CyberSec, Machine Learning and Data Analytics]

* Seasoned Leader and Mentor in the V2X area with full practical exposure to the US and EU regions.

* Expert in the V2X , CyberSecurity, Data Analytics.. Learning ROS, Machine Learning..

* Opensource programmer as well :

* Worked as a Tech Lead / Architect for THEA, NYC and AnnArbor Projects for my previous company (Savari..)

* I have over 8 years of expertise in Advanced R & D, Software Architectures, Design, Coding, Product Development and Project planning.

* I am an expert in IEEE WAVE and ETSI ITS standards. I have a patent in the 1609.2 security domain on the BSMs. (US 2016/0036558 A1)

* I have written the V2X software stack (US WAVE and ETSI ITS), Fully contextual aware DSRC SDR for Savari along with partly contribution of Radio Agnostics.

* I am well versed with writing the software from scratch (I have written more than 500K lines of codes in entire 9 years), well versed in product development, and work in any timezone that is possible.

* I am always eager to learn on new technologies, venture myself into strange unknowns that extend and expand the current area of the organisation that I am with.

1. Publication : US 2016/0036558 A1

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In the news: ETSI ITS5 plugtests successful demos,

You can reach me out on,

skype: dev.the.devil
email: [email protected]

Technical Expert - ML/ V2X / Autonomous Driving, Smartcities, Arch at V2X, Smartcities, Design and Architectures, Automotive

Feb 2018 - Present

Technical Architect at Savari

Jan 2010 - May 2018


B. Tech at SV University

Apr 2005 - Apr 2009

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