Deep Kakkad

Growth & Marketing Lead at (30+ startups in past) || Featured on || Speaker || 2 Million Plus Reach || 21-Year Old

Ahmedabad Area, India

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Deep Kakkad is the founder of an innovative recruitment platform, HireSolve. Other than starting up new projects, he works as a Marketing Lead in the capacity of a consultant to a director, with several startups helping them grow their user-base. Through the valuable content he shares on LinkedIn, he has been featured on Entrepreneur and been a speaker at JoshTalks.


Marketing Director at GrowZila Internet Private Limited

Oct 2017 - Present

Growth Hacking Consultant at

Aug 2016 - Present

I have worked with more than 25 companies to accelerate their Marketing campaigns. Always eager to help people figure out how to Growth-hack their product. My skills include Content creation, Content Marketing, SEO, E-mail Marketing, Traffic Generation, PR and pretty much everything else that a company needs.

Founder at HireSolve

May 2016 - Present

HireSolve ( is a recruitment platform that connects recruiters and job applicants through problem-solving. Recruiters can post problems relevant to jobs/roles on the platform. Applicants can apply to jobs by submitting solutions (in text, image, video, code snippets, etc) to the posted problems. If a recruiter likes a solution, the applicant behind the solution will get contacted for further interview. HireSolve ditches resumes. :) HireSolve is founded on a belief that, if you can solve a problem, you demonstrate that you have the necessary skills. This is much more effective than resumes, because resumes can be faked and thus not reliable. By focusing on problem-solving, we can reduce bad hires, saving money and time for businesses, and we cut out the need to screen resumes. We built the demo for HireSolve in the AngelHack KL 2016, and we're selected as one of the finalists from 84 competing teams. We plan to scale HireSolve in both SEA and India at the same time. We believe that HireSolve can impact the entire recruitment industry, and make the hiring more effective and efficient. We're now building the backend, on Ruby on Rails. We're also looking for seed funding. - Finalist at "Pitch Perfect", Google presents E-summit, RV College Bangalore.

Co-Founder at Rakht: Save Lives

Nov 2015 - Present

Rakht is an application that provides a platform between a person who needs blood in an emergency and someone who is available to donate blood at the moment. Rakht aims to decrease number of deaths due to unavailability of blood,by 47.7%. The platform provides many services like getting blood in an emergency situation or searching blood group ofa person from our directory. We also aim to collaborate with Hospitals and Blood Banks.

Content Writer at

Oct 2014 - Present

Write quality articles to engage more readers. Link to a recent one:

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