Arpit Gupta

CTO ML|IoT|Cloud|Analytics|eCom|Mobile|AdTech

New Delhi Area, India

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Digital innovator in the field of ML|big data|cloud|risk|IoT|SDDC x(AMZN|YHOO|ORCL|RAX) US and India resident, dual location. Arpit is a serial entrepreneur and the process started when Arpit worked his way in grade 6 to teach himself programming and write business applications for shop owners in accounting, tax and inventory management. Slowly the business ramped up into training, networking solutions and coaching as he graduated from high school. In mid 2000s, Arpit scaled his outsourcing product consulting to Japan building embedded and network software for automotive and telecom companies. This business grew up into marketing research, HR manpower consulting, corporate training across India and Japan. Both these initiatives had a successful exit(acquired by iTT) and created sustained triple digit growth. Most recently Arpit help found a SAAS company AA that was bootstrapped in the US(SF, TX). Arpit previously lead product engineering teams in Sr leaderships roles at AMZN, YHOO, ORCL, RAX etc. At AMZN he launched one enterprise and one consumer product, at YHOO he built trust and safety organization, launched several search and AdTech products for 4 screens. He joined as a founder leader of new communication BU at ORCL scaling it to 250 people organization. RAX invited Arpit to build the analytics sciences organization and KPI for the hybrid cloud. Over the last 2 decades Arpit has launched beta/1.0 products, maintained legacy systems, setup cross geography teams, spoken at conferences, filed patents(33), cofounded a boutique-consulting firm, advised customers and help build 2 startups. Most recently he has been working on IoT, Software Defined Everything, Hybrid Cloud interconnect.

Exec VP (Product Engineering Leader) at TandemLaunch Inc.

As an executive w TL I help bring engineering discipline and product vision to the team. Hire VP, CTO, CEO, SDE, work with customers and execute on product roadmap working with IoT, ML, Big Data and cloud. Currently I am helping a startup execute on the milestones for building a IoT device that will revolutionize Machine and Computer Vision, by adding a new dimension of sensing (odor detection) to the mix. Hit me up to know more how this device can help you in healthcare, security, home automation, industrial automation, consumer electronics and many more. Open to partner with large OEMs that can help scale the patent backed device manufacture at scale to disrupt the sensing technology for once and all. We are bringing the breakthrough sensing and odor detection from space stations to Earth :).

Advisor at Independent Think Tank

Do you require help in deciding if Big Data is for you? You have your technology ready but want to identify your unique business proposition? Everything is working as per plan, however you are looking for new wave of growth? Are you a retailer, advertiser, publisher, payment processor, aggregator, service provider, consulting provider, manufacturer, healthcare provider, R&D organization, yes predictive analytics are applicable everywhere. Do you want to present in front of customers? Do you need detailed analysis of your technology stack? Are you confused with volume, variety and velocity? Do you intend to learn more if Predictive Analytics is a right fit for your needs? Do you want to go international? Having trouble in hiring engineering and product staff? We have helped analyze cloud, analytics, big data, IT outsourcing, data management, visualization, for mutual funds, investment banks and big 4 (Bain, McKinsey, KPMG, Goldman Sachs et al) Helped several startups build organization structure, M&A, launch products, MVP Helped several institutions start industry focused courses, entrepreneurship programs Provided expert witness in patent cases related to internet, IT, telecom We also take on advisory roles and interested in connecting with people who want to bring new ideas to life. Do not hesitate to contact me if you want to brainstorm or discuss your use case. If I am not able to provide you right answers I'd definitely point you in right direction or people who would be able to help you. Other notable achievements of past CoFounder Triveni Jan 2004 - Dec 2007, a botique marketing research and outsourced product development organization in India and Japan. Worked with Vyke, Symbian and Government Institutions on VOIP, RTOS, Embedded Browsers. Tutor Jan 1995 - Mar 2005 coached students and professionals maths, CS, science etc.

Advisor at University of Washington

Help define courses on Big Data, Cloud and Analytics

Mentor at The University of Texas at Austin

Help founders and entrepreneurs take right decisions.

Mentor at FounderDating

Provide advise to founders and entrepruners

Advisor at Davenport University

SME for the cloud computing and data courses

Adjunct Faculty at NIIT University

Teach Data Science Analytics Entrepreneurship Cloud computing

CTO & CoFounder at

Started with an idea of making data science easy for enterprises and startups. Brainstormed the ideas, interviewed customers, hired the team, partnered with IBM/MSFT(Softlayer/Azure) put some TLC, ingenuity, hardwork, distributed team and after couple of quarters got our PoC. Demoed it collected more feedback, iterated and got our MVP. We have build DAAS Decision as a Service platform that operates on major cloud platforms(AWS, Azure, Google Compute Cloud, Softlayer); that allows enterprises and startups to build ML models intuitively, at a rapid pace on a pay as you go model. We have reduced the barrier to entry to the niche of cloud, big data and machine learning. Our platform supports standard algorithms such as SVM, decision trees, random forests, Bayesian Networks, Naive Bayes to name a few. DAAS is a self service platform that trains, evaluates, deploys and manages the predictive models and uses our secret sauce to choose which cloud platforms provides the best performance (time vs accuracy, precision, recall, sensitivity). We are platform independent, language agnostic, cloud inter-operable service to support decision making. Reputation as a Service RAAS is a brand protection, anti piracy, counterfeit, plagiarism detection and trademark IP violation detection system. Use DAAS, web crawling, NLP to find the offenders. Wore multiple hats including CEO, lead architect, BD, consulting advisor throughout the bootstrap process. Currently the platform is invite only! Ping me to learn more, we are still in stealth but have already achieved multiple milestones before target dates :) Customers in IoT, HR, Healthcare, Oil&Gas have used the platform to gain actionable insights, optimize workflows. Built brand protection capabilities on the web including website classification and categorization. Authoring a few patents right now!

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