We Came 3rd on LinkedIn’s List of Top Startups in India!

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I’m thrilled to share that we have made it to LinkedIn’s annual Top Startups list for 2019 and TapChief is ranked #3 alongside some incredible startups who have inspired us all along.

Here’s why I think we’ve gotten a few things right in building the team 👇

When Arjun, Binay & I decided to take the plunge again, we didn’t know what the product would be, who would it be for & we definitely didn’t have a name.

We just deeply believed that technology can empower scores of people who want to work for themselves, on their own terms.

Our first hires were juniors from college who had interned with us previously. They didn’t take up on-campus jobs & decided to go on this crazy ride with us. It wasn’t a rational decision in my opinion but I am so grateful they did it ’cause I’m not sure if we’d be here today without them.

Once we moved to Bangalore, reality hit in many ways – from 8 guys in a 2BHK with 1 washroom to carefully managing food-intake so that we didn’t spend too much were all everyday stories. Finally, once we raised our seed round – we moved to a small 750 sqft office in Indiranagar.

As you can see, it was only a bunch of guys until I finally met Komal in Mar 2017 who decided to come on to be our first marketing hire! More importantly, she was our 1st female team member and while we tried hard in the coming months, she was the only one for ~12 months.

Quite a few things started changing once we pivoted though. Once product & business started taking off, we were able to now attract a few more people but we made our fair share of mistakes in ensuring the right fit. I do wish & hope they go on to do great things ’cause they are 💪 😎

As founders, we have been huge believers of the fact that in order to build a great business/product you need to build an incredible organisation and I’m of the belief that the latter is actually way harder than the former. It takes a lot more energy, mind space and resilience.

At TapChief, we are obsessively meritocratic – we don’t care about a person’s gender, background, degree, educational institution, ethnicity – nothing at all.

We care about people’s ambition and their passion to be better than yesterday & create an impactful future of work.

We care deeply about attention to detail because that’s how masterpieces are made. We prioritise our users, the company, our team members and then ourselves, in that order. And we admit we don’t know everything but try to learn from the best because mediocrity is not an option.

We have a lot of fun too as a team from celebrating anniversaries to partying hard and visiting amazingly scenic places to chill, reflect and come back refreshed to seize another day 🙂

I’m your onboarding specialist to this rocketship. So, DM me today 🙂 Cheers 🍻