Top 8 Website Builders (Paid and Free)

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Since the boom of the World Wide Web, websites have become an essential part of making a vehement online presence over the internet. This is because the internet is the first place where people search for information. Not only large businesses but small-sized businesses as well are realizing the importance of having an online presence in the digital world.

Your website is the backbone of your business and brand, supporting all of your digital marketing efforts. Having a well-structured, detailed and seamless website, also has a commendable impact on sales as customers are able to reach products/services online easily. 

Benefits of Having a Website for Your Business

If you are yet to build a website of your own and if you are sceptical about what benefits it can provide then we have listed down a few important points as to how building a website helps your business in a major way. 

1. Expand your online presence 

There are 7.4 Billion people in the world where out of that an approximate of 47% of people are online each day where this number is increasing rapidly since more and more people are shifting to technology to leverage its benefits. When you have a mobile responsive website, there is better reach for your content, search ranking increases and your business gets the opportunity to become more flexible. 

2. Helps increase your credibility 

If you are a small scale business, showcasing your credibility plays an essential role. There are various facets of showcasing your credibility where having a Website is an important tool for improving the credibility of your business. This is because all the detailed information about your business can be easily viewed by your clients, customers and other important people. The website gives your business a major identity and also better virtual existence. 

3. Promotes your business in a better way 

The traditional forms of marketing like printing ads or distributing flyers cost a lot of money where it also does not cover more ground. When it comes to online marketing, it is not only swift but also budget-friendly and efficient. There are a lot of techniques and strategies which can be used for online marketing but if there is no presence of a website, all of these strategies can go in vain. Online marketing tools like blogging, social media, videos and email marketing can be used for better inbound traffic towards your Website. 

4. Better sales generation 

A website is both an active and passive way of generating income. When you optimize your website in a better way, faster leads can be generated in various ways like email marketing, blog posts, social media and also through live chatting. Through Search Engine Optimization (SEO), i.e. including keywords, your website can be listed by the search engine easily, hence, generating better leads for your business. 

Top Online Website Builders 

Now that you know the advantages, if you want to build a sleek and responsive website then read on below to know top 10 online website builders. 


Wix stands on the top of this list because it is one of the biggest website builders where they come up with brand new features regularly. Their layouts are visually impressive and are designed for independent creators like photographers, artists and also for small businesses. Dominating the website building market, they currently host a jaw-dropping 160 million websites. 


  1. Wix offers pre-built layout templates that cover various types of industries
  2. It is inclusive of smart assistant for some types of website building like yoga sites or portfolio where it will automatically generate a contact form, connect your social media profiles, and selects an appropriate design for your target audience, which can further be changed according to your requirement
  3. It is one of the very few website builders where it allows you to animate the text and other elements easily and without any hassle. 


  1. The loading speed is not ideal, mostly on mobile devices when compared to other website builders 
  2. After you have selected your initial template, it cannot be changed into a new one easily. The designs can be tweaked but an entire new template cannot be selected. 
  3. When compared to the other website builders, Wix offers a little bit of an expensive ad-free plan. 


There are a lot of pricing plans available where the Connect Domain is for Rs 80, the Combo plan is for Rs 125, the unlimited plan is for Rs 185, and the Business Basic plan is for Rs 225. There is also a free version available where you can create a free website with Wix but it is inclusive of Wix ads and you cannot include your own domain name 

Wix also has a 14 day trial period policy in the premium plans. 


If you want to build your portfolio or if you want to build a website for your small scale business then Weebly is the best website builder. It is power packed with a lot of features where e-commerce businesses or bloggers can easily build their website through Weebly. 


  1. The themes are not only visually appealing but are also seamlessly responsive to the mobile devices. 
  2. They are inclusive of the feature of scaling your website. 
  3. A lot of additional features can be added with minimal clicks. Weebly has its own applications and also third-party apps.
  4. The membership control is in your hands where you can choose to reveal certain parts of the websites to members only.


  1. Weebly is not very open internationally. The website cannot be created in different languages and it also blocks traffic from China, Ukraine and Russia.
  2. The design flexibility of the website is limited where the site elements cannot be moved freely. 
  3. There is no personal restore option available. 


There are many pricing plans available where Connect a Domain is for $ 5, Pro version for Groups and Organizations is for $12, and the Business version for small businesses is for $25. There is also a free version available where the website can be created with free of cost through Weebly but there is no proper domain name given and Weebly ads are displayed on the footer of the website. 

Weebly does not have a trial plan but there is a 30-days money back guarantee feature available. 


Squarespace is one of the best website builders for creating professional and impeccable websites. It is well-known for its designs and features where there are 60 templates available. If you want your website to be more focused on the design and if you have technical skill then Squarespace is the one for you. 


  1. Jaw-dropping templates are available which can be easily adapted to tablets, desktops and mobiles 
  2. Squarespace has mobile apps which can be used on the go to edit blog posts, website pages, and also other e-commerce functions
  3. There is best live chat support to answer your queries where they also record screen casts so that you can follow the steps easily 


  1. When analyzed through Google’s Page Speed Tool, the templates score had low ratings. Because of this, there can be poor user experience on mobiles. 
  2. It is not best to build large websites through Squarespace where it is also impossible to create the website in various other languages. 
  3. The editor is a little bit manual where there is no auto save feature and you will have to save the work after every update. 


There are a lot of pricing options available where the Personal plan is for $12; the Business plan is for $18, the Basic Online Store plan is for $26 and Advanced Online Store plan is for $40.  There is a 14 day free trial provided by Squarespace so that you know their features appropriately. There is no credit-card information needed for signing up on the trial. 


Duda is not just another website builder but aims to be much more than that. Although it specializes in mobile websites, Duda has an impeccable Responsive Website Builder where users can have a seamless website not only on a computer but also on smartphone or tablet. 


  1. You can easily create multilingual websites but e-commerce products and articles cannot be translated to other languages.
  2.  You can uniquely personalize the website with impeccable tools where you can also send messages to the website visitor based on the visitor’s location or time of visiting the website. 
  3. There are easy drag and drop editing facilities provided 


  1. There is no app store provided but still there are other functionalities available like booking and live chat 
  2. There is no free plan available and the paid plans are higher when compared to other competitors. 


The Basic plan is of $14, the Team plan is of $22, the Agency plan is of $74 and the Site for Life plan is of $299. 

Duda has a 14-day free trial period where the features are provided from the team plan. 


Founded in 2012, Strikingly is best for those who want to build a website but do not have any major technical experience. They are all about helping you set up your website in a fast and affordable manner, be it for personal or professional use. Their forte is crafting a striking single page website with zero programming know-how. 


  1. If you want to make a quick and slick single page layout then Strikingly has the best editor 
  2. They have efficient, friendly and quick help center that can answer any of your queries 
  3. They have a drag and drop solution that is very easy to use for beginners 


  1. Since the focus is more laid on a single page website, it is difficult to rank the page. If SEO is a main priority to you then the expensive version, i.e. Pro version offers 20 individual pages. 
  2. Strikingly is expensive when compared to its competitors but a side benefit of it is that the website builder allows you to build 3 websites. 


The pricing plans include a Limited plan of $8, a Pro plan of $16, and a VIP plan of $49. There is also a free plan available where you can get a complete know-how of the editor where there is also inclusion of a single product store. 

There is a 14 day trial period for the Pro plan so that you can explore all about Strikingly. 

Go Daddy 

Although being very popular for their web hosting and domain names, GoDaddy is also used to build websites where they have their very own website builder called ‘Websites + Marketing’. This website builder is not only beginner-friendly but also has mobile-optimized designs under its abode. A lot of features are included like email marketing tools, blogging features, content creator for social media posts, and also an SEO Wizard. 


  1. The editor of this website builder is easy to use where you can remove or add elements and features easily.
  2. The layouts of the templates are responsive to tablets and mobile phones. 
  3. There is built-in email marketing tools where all of your marketing functions are managed in one place 


  1. The SEO plans are not better both with basic plans and higher plans. 
  2. There are no app stores where only little integrations are made available to the users. 


The Basic plan starts from $10, Standard plan is for $15, Premium plan is for $20, and E-Commerce plan is for $25. There is also a free version available for simple sites with the domain of 

There is a free trial version available for a month. 


WordPress was first designed to make blogs but now, an approximate of 38%of all the websites are created through WordPress. This website builder is extremely flexible, powerful and customizable. You can create websites for any type of industry, through this website builder. 


  1. You can launch your website on WordPress for free if you are okay with Ads and a domain name which is assigned. 
  2. Live chat and email support is available 
  3. There is no need for maintenance or installation as everything is done automatically.  


  1. A lot cannot be done in terms of optimization, until you choose a business plan 
  2. It is difficult to understand how WordPress works when compared to other website builders 
  3. The E-Commerce feature cannot be tested freely. 


The Personal plan is of $4, Premium plan is of $8, Business plan is of $25 and E-Commerce plan is of $45. Free plan is also available where there are limited features and templates where the hosting is done on a domain which is predefined. 


If you want website building to be a walk in the park then Site 123 is the best editor. Websites can be put together in three simple steps of designing, including content and then going live. You can make easy portfolios or online stores or businesses in 2 simple steps. 


  1. You can translate your website into multiple languages 
  2. The free plan testing limit is unlimited 
  3. Site 123 is all about being pre-defined. 


  1. Layouts of the website are good if you just want to make a standard website. A unique look cannot be added to the website. 
  2. Although zero coding knowledge is needed for creating a website, there will be some situations where you will need coding. 


The Basic plan starts at 10, 01€, Advanced is of 15, 58€, Professional is of 21, 14€ and Gold plan is of 26, 70€. There is also a free plan where you can create a small website and can also utilize the editor. 

Wrapping Up

We hope you are convinced to build a website of your own by picking an online website builder of your choice.

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