Top proposal templates that can land you a freelance client

10+ effective freelance proposal templates you need right now

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Every freelance project requires you to submit a proposal, but does that mean you have to draft an entirely new one every single time? Not really. Instead, use the proposal templates listed below to streamline the process and save time.

India is home to 15 million freelancers, second only to the US. Majority of them fall in the 21-29 age category — an indication that the freelance economy is booming in this country. More importantly, there are enough high-paying freelance jobs out there for people to earn a good living. 

On the other hand, landing a project is getting tougher as the competition is increasing. Clients are now forced to sift through a dozen or more proposals before hiring a freelancer.

To rise above the noise, your project proposal has to stand out. This applies to every field of work irrespective of whether you are a content writer or a software developer.

Top proposal templates that will win over any clients

As a freelancer, an impressive project proposal can do wonders for your chances of landing a project. It shows that you are serious about the project, you have a clear plan of action, and you are capable of completing the project.

But, drafting a new document from scratch every time can be a hassle. To help you save time and effort, we’ve compiled and categorized some excellent project proposal templates that you can borrow and adapt.

Table of Contents

1. Design services

a. Graphic design proposal templateGraphic design proposal template

Why it works

This sample template is simple yet visually appealing. You can brilliantly communicate your deliverables, timelines, the course of action, pricing structure, and more. It even has a section where you can showcase your design portfolio and experience.

To view/use the full template, visit

b. Web design proposal template

Web design proposal template

Why it works

For most businesses, websites contribute heavily to conversions. So, when you pitch to clients, it is critical that you explain your development process and timeline clearly. That’s exactly what this template does.

This template document will make it easier to outline your vision for the website and convey that you have done enough groundwork.  

To view/use the full template, visit

2. Web development

a. Web development proposal template

Web development proposal template

Why it works

For starters, this template includes all the must-have elements of an impressive project proposal. What makes it stand out is that it helps you frame a problem statement based on prospect’s current code. It clarifies why they need web development. Ultimately, that’s what prompts them to hire you.

Besides all that, this sample template includes a few real examples that you can use in your proposal.

To view/use the full template, visit Bidsketch.

b. WordPress website proposal template

Wordpress website proposal template

Why it works

This sample template is excellent for creating a quick proposal. It is fairly detailed, yet it is not long or tedious. The fresh and attractive layout and content may have something to do with it.

The ‘how do we work’ section in the document does a great job of building familiarity and marketing yourself. What’s more, it is effortless to customize the content of the template.

To view/use the full template, visit Proppy.

3. Copywriting services

a. Content writer proposal template

content writer proposal template

Why it works

Chances are you want to convince the client you ‘get’ their brand tone, vision, and audience. From Sales Challenge to Statement of Work, every section of this template aligned toward that.

Furthermore, it communicates the expected deliverables transparently.

To view/use the full template, visit Bidsketch.

b. Website copywriter proposal template

Website copywriter proposal template

Why it works

This proposal template is simple, yet appealing. You can glean this right from the introduction  spells out the context and the goal with clarity. The style, the formatting, and the fonts used make for a quick and easy read.

Above all, it helps copywriters highlight their grasp of the client’s problems in an impressive way.

To view/use the full template, visit Proppy.

4. Marketing services

a. SEO proposal template

SEO proposal template

Why it works

According to the makers of this template, Better Proposals, it has won over $120,000,000 of business for their marketer customers in 2017 alone. If you have gone through the document, you wouldn’t be surprised to hear that. It is comprehensive — outlines everything from keyword research to lead generation in detail.

What impressed me the most is how they made testimonials more impactful by creating a case-study around it.

To view/use the full template, visit BetterProposals.

b. PPC marketing proposal template

PPC marketing proposal template

Why it works

The sample project mentioned in this proposal template is well-framed. It covers all the bases and answers pertinent questions on campaign set up, management, and reporting comprehensively.

On top of that, the template comes with a few bells and whistles — integrated payment features, full digital signature functionality, read receipts, and much more.

To view/use the full template, visit qwilr.

5. Accounting and financial services

a. Accounting services proposal template

Accounting proposal template

Why it works

Professionalism and reliability are two of the top qualities of this proposal template. The tone and the language used are perfect. It is conversational and not jargon-driven. Even people with a non-accounting background will be able to get a gist of things quickly.

Most importantly, the contract terms have been laid down clearly. Although you have to customize it after consulting with your lawyer, this template certainly gives you a fair idea about how to frame it.

To view/use the full template, visit PandaDoc.

b. Financial services proposal template

Financial services proposal template

Why it works

Financial planners or advisors can use this template to pitch for financial advisory services like capital budgeting, risk management, regulatory requirements, investment, and succession planning. It also lets you add legally binding online signatures for faster client approval.

To view/use the full template, visit Proposify.

6. Legal services

Legal services proposal template

Why it works

This template can be used to pitch for all sorts of legal projects — from corporate counsel to handling employment issues. The template is fully customizable. You can edit everything from the cover photo to the layout so that it fits your brand and the nature of the project.

To view/use the full template, visit Proposify.

7. Developers

a. Software development proposal template

Software development proposal template

Why it works

Software project proposals are often read and evaluated by non-tech people. You will have to dumb it down. Otherwise, people won’t clearly understand the value you are offering. This template does a great job at it. Everything from the expected look and feel of the product to the revenue model is explained crisply and concisely.

The ‘book a meeting’ at the end is an excellent call-to-action — it promotes dialogue and expedites the whole process.

To view/use the full template, visit Qwilr.

b. Mobile app development proposal template

Mobile app development proposal template

Why it works

In this template, each phase of the app development process, including deliverables and testing, is explained clearly. It is further supported by illustrations, which make for easier comprehension.

The makers of this template, Proposable, lets you track all the recipient views and interactions. What’s more, you can even chat with the prospect from within the proposal.

To view/use the full template, visit Proposable.

8. Office and admin

a. Virtual assistants proposal template

Virtual assistant proposal template

Why it works

To land a virtual assistant job, you will have to go above and beyond in your proposal. Worry not, the template mentioned here makes the journey a lot easier.

It clearly explains how you can reduce the client’s workload, the plan of action, the additional services you offer, and more. Furthermore, the tone used is very personal, and it makes you relatable.

To view/use the full template, visit

b. HR Services proposal template

HR services proposal template

Why it works

This template communicates how uniquely qualified you or your HR firm is to overcome the challenges of the prospective client.  

Besides that, the template defines terms of the agreement in a fairly detailed manner. It helps protect your business as well as making the prospect feel assured.

To view/use the full template, visit PandaDoc.

Tips to keep in mind while customizing the proposal template

Finding an excellent project proposal template is only half the job. The second half is how you customize it based on the nature of the project, the size of the client, your product or service, and so on.

Read on for some valuable tips on how to create an impressive project proposal.

  1. Make sure you show your pricing in a table format. This will make it easier for clients to process and evaluate it.
  2. Add client testimonials, work samples, and a link to your portfolio. They help showcase your expertise and capabilities.
  3. Include a table of contents. It improves navigation and user experience.
  4. Whatever proposal tool you use, make sure it can be viewed and signed from any computer, smartphone, or tablet.
  5. Don’t clutter your cover page. Keep it attractive, concise and straightforward.
  6. Communicate why you have an edge when it comes to solving the client’s pain points. Sight your experience, a particular certification you have, and so on.
  7. Mention possible delays and other contingencies — how it can impact the timeline, and how you are prepared to overcome them. It shows that you are prudent.
  8. Give clients multiple options to choose from. For instance, option A can be four weeks to complete the project at a price of ₹50000, option B can be seven weeks to complete the project at a price of ₹30000, and so on. This allows clients to choose one that fits their needs and budget.
  9. Write a case-study based on your work with a former client, someone who faced similar problems as the potential client. 
  10. Write in small paragraphs, give enough white space, keep the text left-aligned, and use illustrations and images to break up texts.

Final thoughts

Long story short, you have to make sure your proposal is concise, clear, and engaging. It may sound overwhelming, but it isn’t. Because help is available in the form of proposal templates and proposal tools. You have to find one that fits your needs and budget. They will go a long way toward improving your proposal workflow.

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