Tips For Choosing The Right Presentation Design Service

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Haven’t all of you sat through dull presentations at your college and workplace? We’re pretty sure you must have at some point in life! Those never-ending text-packed slides with neither any images nor a definite storyline, coupled with the presenter reading out each and every word on it robotically, is boring enough to put you to sleep. Clearly spelling out ‘Bad Presentations’

Why are presentation/slide/deck designs so important anyway?

“The whole purpose of a presentation is to enable people to learn. As a presenter, your mission is not to transmit information but to transform learners.” – Harold D. Stolovitch and Erica J. Keeps.

Presentations are an indispensable and constant part of every growing business today, whether it is for training internal employees or informing your stakeholders and clients. Given its importance, it is crucial to have a significant and well-planned deck design to put your thoughts across to your audience in a memorable way. 

Presentations are more like stories, supported by a strong narrative and created with the intention of changing people’s perspective and thought process. They’re also done to inform, inspire, engage, instruct, persuade or entertain depending upon the agenda in hand. While doing all this, they also speak volumes about you, how organized you are and how well you can communicate. 

Some of the popular presentation design software are:

presentation design

Why is it important to choose the right presentation design service?    

Slide designs can allow you to earn big wins for your clients, so much so that they’re ever ready to recommend you ahead. However, in most cases, people are unwilling to invest the time that’s needed to craft a truly great presentation, simply because there are other business tasks that need closer attention. 

If you’re one of them, you can probably go in for professional presentation design services that’ll help you create compelling deck designs. While it’s easier said than done, choosing the right presentation design service can be quite tricky! Each player may score differently in terms of their quality of work and delivery of service. You wouldn’t want to put your money down the drain by choosing the wrong presentation design service, right? 

What are the benefits of choosing a specialized presentation design service?  

  1. They’re design focussed and can provide niche services at an affordable cost be it refining or remaking entire presentations.
  2. They can quickly understand the presenter’s pain points owing to their years of expertise and can deliver the right solution without compromising on the presentation’s quality.
  3. They have the ability to develop compelling narratives for your brand’s story to engage the audience. 
  4. They’re aware of style guides and are up to date on the current industry slide designs and templates. 
  5. They help you save money by taking on the process end-to-end while you concentrate on your core business activities. 

Tips for choosing the right presentation design service

To spare you the hassle, we’ve jotted down some quick tips for you to keep in mind while zeroing in on the perfect presentation design service:  

1. Define your project requirements clearly

Ask yourselves the following questions to arrive at a clearer picture of your project’s requirements:

  • What’s the setting in which the presentation has to be delivered? A formal event or a training session?
  • What is the intent of your presentation? Is it to inform the audience or entertain them? 
  • What is the number of slides that need to be worked on?
  • Are you looking for a person to research and build the entire structure of your presentation? 
  • What is the nature of the project? Is it to create a presentation from scratch or refine an existing presentation in terms of content or design?
  • What are the expected outcomes of the project? Does it involve a CTA?
  • What is the budget that you’re aiming for? As there are custom PowerPoint design services available for every budget.  
  • What is the size and scale of the project?
  • How close is the presentation’s delivery deadline?

The list is not exhaustive and can be customized as per the industry and company you belong to. Once you’re done defining your goals, move on to shortlisting a few good design service providers on the Internet or through your professional network. As a protip, always strike out those agencies that work for your competitors to avoid any kind of biases or data breaches.

2. Review the presentation design service provider’s portfolio

Once you have shortlisted the presentation design service providers, the next step is to look at their previous work. Read through their portfolio thoroughly to gauge their general design style, or speak to the previous clients they’ve worked for to gauge the service provider’s efficiency. Review them on various factors such as:

  • Industry knowledge and experience.
  • If they are generalists or specialists in a single type of industry or presentation.  
  • Expertise, skills and the “know-how” of modern technologies and tools.
  • Size of the projects that they’ve worked on in the past.
  • Size of their design team
  • The way they approach and use supporting visual materials.
  • The time taken to complete the final deliverable
  • Ability to come up with unique and creative presentation ideas and design strategies.
  • If they follow a tactical or strategic approach towards their work.

Some design portfolios can also show you options you didn’t know ever existed.  

3. Keep an eye out for social proof

Spend some time to analyze through the design service provider’s reviews, ratings and feedback on, TrustPilot, Google and other similar platforms. Check out the client testimonials on their website as they help establish more credibility and trust, and give you an idea of the agency’s work culture and business ethics. 

Pay attention to what other clients, who were previously associated with them, say about them on a public platform. By doing so, you can learn how good their customer support is or if they can keep up with your due dates. If there is a big brand backing up a particular presentation design service, then it automatically becomes trustworthy and authentic. 

4. Analyze the service provider’s offerings

Moving further, check out the service provider’s offerings to have an idea of what all is included in their package. 

Here’s a list of a few items that you need to give due attention to

  • Access to in-built project management and a dedicated customer success manager. 
  • What’s the communication channel like? It is recommended to follow an open line of communication to clear your doubts and concerns on-the-go.
  • Does it also include any value-added services?
  • The turn-around time for each offer.
  • The file transfer solutions available
  • The number of revision requests allowed? Unlimited or fixed?
  • Any specific customer service policies that are applicable.

For example, TapChief’s Presentation Design Service helps their clients (multi-industry) get customized presentations that are unique, crisp, memorable and persuasive. Not only this,but they also hand over the final approved deliverable within 3 to 5 business days.

5. Compare the pricing packages as per your business needs

The most crucial step of all is to compare the pricing packages of various design service providers against their offerings and finalize on the one that gives you the highest ROI. Some service providers charge flat or fixed-rate pricing, while others charge you on a monthly/quarterly basis at a discounted rate for the same set of services. It is advised to do thorough research at your end, and spend your money wisely at this stage. 

For example, TapChief’s Design Package is very competitive and has specialised offering for different natures and stages of a business. You just need to pay the entire subscription amount upfront & get everything you need. The process is pretty simple, and there are no hidden charges involved. It is a complete value for money!

6. Review the terms and conditions thoroughly and establish clear workflow guidelines

Before you start working on the project, review the contract’s terms and conditions carefully. Make sure that it includes the scope of work, the workflow guidelines, payment terms, timelines, etc. Sometimes, service providers may not be able to meet your project demands due to unforeseen circumstances. So, read the cancellation policy in your service agreement carefully and clarify if you have any doubts there and then.

A standard agreement in itself indicates that the presentation design service provider you’re dealing with is genuine. Also, you need to have a clear-cut process for feedback and communication wherein the service provider is able to understand your vision clearly and execute your ideas with ease. 

Set out your expectations in the first business meeting itself to avoid any confusions or misunderstandings later on. Set your design iteration cycles in place. Lastly, ensure that the agency you finalize on scores well on the confidentiality and transparency aspect in their everyday business conduct.

Wrapping Up

All in all, a dedicated presentation design service can do wonders for your business if you’re willing to invest in them with full trust. If you’re looking for one right now but don’t know where to start, visit TapChief

TapChief can help you with all types of design requests, from deck designs to brochure and logo designs. All you have to do is place a request (which only takes a few minutes), and we will take care of the rest — briefing the designer, project management, quality checks, to the final delivery.