5 Signs Your Content Isn’t Connecting With the Audience

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Every marketer spends a lot of energy on producing content for various purposes these days. These purposes can vary from generating brand awareness, generating leads, establishing thought leadership, entertainment etc. All these content takes a good amount of time to develop and it requires a good amount of thinking to go behind it.

But if you look at the amount of content which is being poured onto the social media playground, it’s overwhelming. Let’s have a quick look at some statistics – 72 Hours of video are uploaded to YouTube every minute (Source); Blogs have been rated as the 5th most trusted source for accurate online information (Source). So every marketer focuses on producing content which can engage their customers and prospects alike.

Here are some of the challenges marketers face while producing content:

  • Coming up with the constant flow of content ideas
  • Discovery & use of right tools for producing content
  • Lack of tools for the right content
  • Keeping them updated with the latest content formats

And also there are some mistakes which marketers commit while producing content:

  • Producing content to satisfy their ego (and not for their audience)
  • Thinking quantity is more important than quality (I was a culprit once)
  • Ignoring SEO while producing content
  • Experimenting TOO much and getting burnt in the process.

As we have now looked at the challenges faced and mistakes made by marketers, let’s have a look at some signs which tells every marketer that they are producing “crappy” content. Here we go:

Scenario: You have produced an amazing content artefact and you just put it out and it

Sign No: 1 – Doesn’t get Clicks/Views

The first sign that says your content sucks is when no one clicks on it or views it. As there is a barrage of content everywhere, it is really tough to get someone to click or view yours unless it is really useful to them.

Sign No: 2 – Doesn’t get Any Love (Likes)

The second sign that you need to pay attention to is when no one shows any love towards your content. And by love, I mean likes. When your audience doesn’t bother to like your content, that means you are not producing anything which is worth their love.

Sign No: 3 – Doesn’t get Shared

The 3rd sign which is a warning to your content is when no one bothers to share it. People share content when they find it useful and think it might be useful for their network. But when no one shares your content, that is a clear message that your content doesn’t carry that much firepower to make anyone share it with their connections.

Sign No: 4 – Doesn’t Drive Traffic

Most of the lead generation and brand awareness content is produced with an intention of driving traffic to the company website or any specific landing page. So the 4th sign of “not-so-good” content is it failing to drive traffic to the intended page. If your content is exciting or useful, your audience may not click on the link associated with it and that means no traffic.

Sign No: 5 – Doesn’t Earn Links

Sometimes you might have wondered when you search for “SEO” in Google, why does content from Search Engine Land or Moz comes on top of the search results. It’s because of the authority they have earned over the period of years and one of the most important factors affecting this are the inbound links. So the 5th sign for mediocre content is it failing to earn inbound links. Your audience will link to your content if it is top quality and vice versa.

So here are the 5 signs which are the characteristics of crappy content. So every marketer produces content in modern marketing world; the only way to stand out with your content marketing efforts is to produce outstanding artifacts and sharing it with your target audience.

This article was originally published here by TapChief Expert, Vivek Nair.

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