Everything you need to know to crack the PayTM recruitment process

Everything you need to know about the Paytm recruitment process

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Paytm was founded in 2010 as a mobile recharge platform by Vijay Shekhar Sharma with an investment of $2 million. In nine years they have grown into one of the most popular e-commerce payment and digital wallet companies in India with over 230 million users.

The rapid growth in itself makes it a popular destination among job seekers, but that’s not all:

  • After four rounds of funding, Paytm has raised a total of ₹2.2 billion.
  • Paytm is valued at $10 billion.
  • Top performing employees are often rewarded with stock options.
  • One out of four Paytm employees are below the age of 25, and they also have one of the youngest executive team in the industry.
  • Paytm is expanding into areas such as online marketplaces, mutual funds, and so on.

So, if Paytm is one of your dream companies, be sure to read on to get an overview of Paytm recruitment process for technical roles. We cover everything from interview questions to an overview of Paytm’s work culture.

What does Paytm look for in a candidate for technical roles?

Paytm’s work culture is built around values such as speed, flexibility, learning, and innovation. They want candidates who think logically, solve problems, and take total ownership of the tasks assigned to them.

The Paytm recruitment process

Paytm’s recruitment process is fairly standard. They mostly share vacancies on popular job search platforms such as LinkedIn, naukri.com, iimjobs.com, and so on. You should keep an eye on is the career section of Paytm’s website. In addition to that, Paytm also hires through employee referrals and recruitment drives.

At this stage, you would have to submit your resume and other basic details. Paytm will review your resume and decide whether to proceed or not. As far as academics are concerned, your score should be more than 60 per cent all through class 10, class 12, and graduation.

The selection process

The selection process for Paytm is divided into four rounds, and they are:

Round 1 – Online test

The selection process is kicked off with an online quiz on Cocubes. It mostly comprises of programming related questions testing your knowledge on topics as strings, arrays and matrix, and dynamic programming.

Round 2 – Technical interview 1

Once you have passed the online exam, you advance to the interview phase. This phase begins with a technical interview which is usually conducted by the hiring manager. You can expect questions on your previous projects, internships, and based on your resume. Besides that, your technical skills will be tested with questions on DBMS, OS, puzzles, data structure, and so on.

Round 3 – Technical interview 2

If the hiring manager deems you a good fit, you will have to go through another round of technical interview. Members of the senior management usually handle this round. Your technical skills will be assessed even more with questions on topics such as number series, algorithms, search trees, and so on.

Round 4 – HR Interview

Even though in some cases there might be more than two technical rounds, the last round will always be an HR interview. Most questions will be aimed at understanding your preferences, your competencies, and if you fit Paytm’s culture.

Frequently Asked Questions

Write a code to find angle between clock’s two ends.

How will you balance a binary search tree?

On a given database, design a SQL query.

Where to store local variables?

Puzzle based questions.

Write a program to print all interleaving of given two strings.

Write code to create mirror image of tree.

Rate yourself on a scale of 1-10

What would be your dream day at Paytm?

The difficulty of the Paytm interview was ranked 2.9 out of  5, making the difficulty level mediocre.

What skills should you focus on?

HTML, Javascript, CSS, Angular, jQuery, SQL, NodeJS, Python, Scala, Goal-oriented, Entrepreneurial drive, Communication skills.

Working at Paytm

Our organization structure and hierarchies exist more to define workflows. We thrive on learning and innovation because that’s who we are. We do things and make stuff happen.

Just like their product, team Paytm functions with a focus on speed, ownership, and innovation. They always ensure their employees work with the latest technologies available in the market. So, make no mistake you can learn and develop immensely. And your contributions won’t be ignored either; they provide top performers with stock options and accelerated growth opportunities.

On the whole, Paytm is a great place to work. Obviously, the company’s outstanding growth helps, but more than that, they have an open work culture that fosters transparency and collaboration. This was further underlined when Paytm was ranked as #3 in LinkedIn’s annual list of Top 20 Indian companies to work for.

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