Making Remote Work For You: Q and A with Andreas Klinger, Head of Remote at AngelList | Recap

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In light of the Covid-19 pandemic, most of us are working from home today. And it is unclear how long we will be working this way. For some, this switch may have been a rude shock. The way we communicate, collaborate and get things done has changed overnight. 

In an effort to help make this transition smoother for everyone, we hosted a Q and A session featuring Andreas Klinger, the Head of Remote at AngelList. He shared his inputs and learnings on different aspects of remote working from how to run virtual standups to how to keep your team morale up in these trying times.

About Andreas

Andreas is currently also the VP – Engineering of CoinList. He has successfully led remote-first teams with members working out of different countries. Prior to AngelList, he was the CTO at Product Hunt and has had various stints as a Co-Founder. 

Watch the full Q&A here

Snippets from the Q&A session

Following are a few video snippets where Andreas is addressing questions on steps companies can take for a smooth transition to remote, conflict resolutions, and tackling feelings of isolation and loneliness amongst employees.

What should be a company’s prime focus while switching to working from home?

  • Help individuals develop a proper routine by establishing protocols or guidelines, such as timings for work or meetings. 
  • Encourage more facetime among teammates. 
  • Have standups or meetings every morning to discuss the work that’s been completed the previous day, the tasks for the day, challenges and so on. 
  • For big teams, have one-on-ones or standups to discuss individual projects. 

What can companies do to make the transition to working from home smoother?

  • Establish a new routine for your team or help recreate the one that existed previously.
  • Adapt your processes and make them remote-friendly.
  • Have processes in place to deal with conflicts.
  • Find ways to help your team deal with the effects of isolation and loneliness. 
  • Ask the team to use a set of standard tools for communication and collaboration.
  • Encourage your team to do more video calls.
  • Keep meetings short, detailed and agenda-focused.

What are the best ways to resolve conflicts when working remotely?

  • Managers should try to improve the context and bring the discussion back to how the issue relates to the company’s goals and objectives.
  • Clearly establish who the decision-maker would be in each department and also, which departments will function autonomously.
  • Dedicate time to learn more about the challenges faced by your team members. Have weekly 1-on-1s.
  • Try to deconstruct problems and be open to receiving different perspectives. Listen to what your teammates have got to say.
  • Conduct online whiteboarding sessions using a tool such as so everyone can work together towards a solution by presenting their own views. 

How to go about dealing with isolation and loneliness amongst employees while working remotely?

  • Encourage all team members to interact with video during meetings or calls.
  • Have no-agenda meetings after work to converse casually and unwind together.
  • Play online games with team members.
  • Have a channel or group chat just for sharing pictures or just random moments from people’s days.
  • Ensure you are in touch with your team members and check in on them to ensure they’re holding up ok and support them when required. 

Wrapping up

A massive thank you to Andreas for being a part of our Q&A session, for discussing all the questions at length and providing so much value.

Being an organisation that enables remote work, we feel that it is our responsibility to educate and help people make this transition smoother. That’s why we will continue to organise such sessions with remote work experts and also, share our learnings from facilitating nearly 30,000+ remote gigs.  

We recently published a comprehensive guide to working from home. It covers everything from drafting a work-from-home policy, to setting up your home workspace, to the best practices for communicating effectively.  Do check it out. 

The next TapChief Q&A will happen soon, watch this space for updates.

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