How to make the right Pitch Deck

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Where do I start? Do I mention what we’ve already done? Should I mention how much money I need to raise?

All these questions must be running in your head while making a pitch deck. And rightly so. Your pitch deck is the first impression your investor is going to have of you and your product. Therefore, there is too much pressure to make it perfect.

To make a deck, remember:

“Less is more”

Try to find out about your investors beforehand and change your deck accordingly. A few investors might be interested in the financial aspect, so focus on that. Or a few may be interested in the product, so concentrate on that slide.

  1. Introduction

This slide is from AirBnB’s original deck. The first slide has hardly any information on it and it conveys the company’s vision.

The first slide should convey your product. Keep short and crisp, like you’re explaining it to a child, in simple and effective words.

2. The Problem

Investors look at how your product is trying to solve a problem. But the problem that is addressed should be genuine. Think of a customer and present your slide that way.

Who is affected by this problem? Is there any solution that already exists in the market? 
This should be your focus on this slide.

3. Market Size

This helps the investor understand the market and how your business can scale.

4. Market Validation

In this slide, focus on your target audience, who the problem is affecting. This can also show scalability opportunities.

Also, speak about the existing solutions( your competitors) in the market and how they address the problem.

In this slide, AirBnB talks about how their idea is a valid concern.

5. The Solution

Talk about how you solve this problem. Usually, the focus will be on the product, but the focus should be on how the problem is addressed and how your product is solving it.

Also mention how your product is different from the existing solutions and how it solves the problems which the others aren’t able to.

6. Product

Now that you’ve spoken about your product and how it solves a problem, your next slide should be on the working of the product. It should mention the advantages your product offers.

Walk through the product and give a few instances.

7. Business Model

This is where your investor would be most interested in, how you are going to make money. Show a schedule of when you’re expecting to start getting revenues.

Focus on your pricing strategy and why you’re charging so.

8. Traction

If you’ve already started sales of your product or have pre-orders, mention them here. This validates the genuineness of the problem stated. You could also mention the milestones you’ve achieved. A slide on testimonials also helps your case.

In this slide, your focus should be on your journey and how you’re going to scale the business.

9. Distribution Strategy

What are the marketing strategies you’re going to adopt and why they will help you?

Attracting and retaining customers is one of the hardest challenges for a startup. So it’s important to show your how your tactics has a strong hold on the market and what channels are being used.

If your strategy is unique and different from your competitors’, highlight that.

10. Team

Talk about your team and why you’re the right team to grow this company. Also mention what you have to offer, which other teams don’t.

Highlight the key team members, their experiences and successes in other organisations and what expertise they offer.

11. Financials/ Investment

This is where your research comes into a picture. You need to present the sales forecast, profit and loss statement, and cash flow forecast for at least three years.

Mention the funding you need and how it is going to be used and the returns from it. Be realistic with your numbers and prepare for the discussion that will take place.

This is the basics of what your deck should have. If you want to add more, these are a few possibilities:

  • Contact Details
  • Testimonials
  • Exit Strategy
  • Partnerships

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