How to Monetize Twitter?

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On March 21st, 2006, co-founder of this social media platform, Jack Dorsey, posted a rather innocuous “Just setting up my Twttr” on his account. The posts on this platform were called “tweets” and Twitter, the name of the platform and the world has never been the same since. The 140-character word limit (it is 280 characters now) has been instrumental in spreading political messages, changed the way news is disseminated, in response to natural disasters and protests were envisaged on the platform.

How many of us can forget the ‘Twitter Revolution’, a series of political protests by civilians in various countries in the Middle East who used the micro-blogging platform to communicate and gather resources? Now that we have spoken about how powerful a platform Twitter is, we are going to concentrate on the part where one can monetize using their Twitter accounts. It is a powerful tool for brands as well as individuals who have a following or expertise in their chosen field.

Here are some of the ways in which you can monetize your Twitter account:

Sponsored Tweets:

When you promote the services of a third party by posting about the brand on your Twitter profile in exchange for compensation, it is called a Sponsored Tweet. There are many websites and individuals who make use of this option to make money. The influencer needs to tweet for the brand based on the guidelines set by them. 

A tool like will take care of all of this and tweet the post for you. Brands will get in touch with you after seeing your Sponsored Tweets account. You have the option to accept or turn down an offer by a brand based on your liking. Once your tweet is approved and sent, the payment will be credited to your Sponsored Tweets account. A quick search of the hashtag sponsored will give ideas on how to use the sponsored tweets option.

With all that said, Sponsored tweets is not highly profitable as brands pay a pittance per follower, so you need to have a ridiculously huge amount of followers to make a lot of money with it. To sell sponsored tweets, you can use networks like 1. and 2. s

You might antagonize your followers if you use your Twitter account only to promote brands. Be selective about who you are sponsoring and how many times you are promoting someone in a day with your Twitter account.


Tweet Barter:

This is a kind of a quid pro quo arrangement swhere a brand which wants to use your reach to better their interests is not in a position to pay you. Instead of paying in cash, they get into a deal where they promise to promote you in their pages. If you have a million followers and the brand has just 1000 followers, it is not a wise move on your part to barter tweets, you are clearly at a loss as you are not receiving anything. If you want to use this to increase your followers, only tie up with brands that have equal number of followers.


By building links:

You cannot earn directly when you redirect your tweets to an outside web link unless a client asks you specifically to do so (it is rare though). If you keep putting up good content on your account, people will start engaging with you and would not mind being redirected to a third-party website to get more information from a link that you happen to recommend. By building this audience on your website too, you can slowly collect an email list of people interested in what you offer. This would be a good way for you to add more visitors to your site as well if you keep redirecting tweets to your website.


Affiliate Marketing:

You need to have a sizeable following if you want to make moolah from affiliate marketing as the engagement rates on Twitter is one of the poorest. The audience you build should be people who have followed you as a result of the kind of tweets you post which revolves around a niche. You should share content about that topic regularly from your blog, other blogs, journals and third-party sources. This will make you as someone who should be followed for your niche.

Once you get a sizeable following who engage with you, it is time for you to register for an Affiliate Program. One of the most popular affiliate program is that of Amazon because you name any product in the world and there are high chances that they sell them. You can sign up with any of the Affiliate Networks also.

Along with your normal tweets, you can add some of the affiliate links as well using the short-link that you will get from the affiliate network. Use the “Generate short-link” button on the product page and add this to your tweet.

There are a lot of affiliate networks that you can tie up with. You’ve hit jackpot if you have chosen the right niche for yourself, have a following who lap up your content and are content clicking on your affiliate link and buying the products/services that you recommend.


Sell an online course where you share your expertise:

When you attain a level of expertise in an area, the best thing you can do on the Internet to make money is to teach people how to become an expert in the same area. Not only are you leveraging your knowledge and getting compensated for it, you can also grow a community of people who follow your teachings (you can upsell or cross-sell to this set of people).

Teaching others your area of expertise is a well-respected gig which comes with a lot of benefits. Start giving away a lot of free content on Twitter, once you are known as the go-to person in a particular topic, you would have a sizeable following by then and it is easy to sell your course to your Twitter followers because they trust you already thanks to the free content that you kept tweeting. There are a lot of companies which allows you to host your online course on their platform: Teachable, Thinkific, Udemy and more.


Twitter Growth Consulting Services:

You can also help companies and individuals with their Twitter accounts by helping them sell their own products, affiliate offers, promoting their offers and so on. You can charge per hour or per project depending upon the terms and conditions that you both agree upon. Offer advice on how others can use your expertise to help accomplish their Twitter goals.

All you need to have is one method that you are an expert at in making money on Twitter, you can use that as your USP when you promote yourself. If you have the skills to back your money-making claims, you can see a fortune here. 


Sell your services on Twitter:

Stay in touch with people in your industry by sharing high-value content on Twitter. Develop relationships and partnerships with people in your industry. Do not be afraid of promoting yourself. Once you have an engaged audience who respect your words and believe in your credentials, it is easy for you to promote your services and start making money.


Hold contests with brands:

A good way to make money with Twitter is to leverage your popularity by holding contests for brands. You can make this possible if you have a Twitter account with a large following. Brands are on the lookout to get more shout-outs and visibility for their promotions. There are different kinds of contest whose objectives might be different too. Some of the most popular contests that you can be a part of are:

  1. Sweepstakes: Good way to drive traffic to a particular promotion.
  2. RT & Follow: If a brand is looking to add more followers, then they come up with contests where you can ask your followers to follow the brand for offers and prizes.
  3. Hashtag contests: Your followers will be asked to tweet from a hashtag that the brand wants you to. In exchange for your follower’s participation, they will be doled with goodies and other stuff if they win the contest.
  4. Interview sessions with the brand: If you have a huge following in a niche, you can choose CEOs or top rung leaders from the brand where you allow your followers to pick their brain. You could either do such Q&A s in partnership with the brand (where you promote each other) or charge a fee if you have a huge following.

You need to get into an agreement with the brand about the kind of prize they would be giving your followers when they participate and win a contest.


Twitter is easily one of the most effective tools for Marketers whose clout as a platform has only been growing. When you don’t have a following, the first method for you to employ when you want to earn money is to sell your own products. Either create your own store directly or drive traffic to your website.

You would also be surprised to know that there have been a lot of successful crowdfunding projects that happened when users asked for help with projects.

Use various types of media to present your offer, people tend to click on attractive tweets. With all that said, it makes sense for you to follow the basic style of messaging and communication with your followers on this platform lest they feel used and abused. Never doubt the intelligence of the folks on Twitter. Build goodwill and your customers will hold you in high esteem.

Do not be bogged down by the number of Twitter accounts that are making a killing on the platform, there is always a chance for you to make it big if you provide value. Nothing can ever replace true value.