HOTC Chapter 11: Sachin Gheware

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For this week’s Humans of TapChief, we sat down with Sachin Gheware.

Sachin is currently working as a .Net Technical Lead for a multinational company. Growing up, he was always passionate about computers and software, and that is what led him to develop his first website while still in school.

Now, a couple of decades later, he is a successful developer with more than 12 years of experience. Sachin owes this to his growth mindset; he constantly wants to keep learning, stay up-to-date with the latest tech advancements, and to work on projects that challenge him. 

Read on to learn how he went about it, what drove him on, and the role TapChief has played in his journey. 

Could you please introduce yourself to our readers?

I’m Sachin. I work as a .NET Technical Lead for a multinational company in Bangalore. I have 12 years of experience, most of which is in .NET and related areas. I’m also proficient in Angular, AWS, C#, MVC,.net core, Microservices among others.

I love picking up new tech skills and staying up-to-date with the latest in the industry. 

How did you gravitate towards software development?

I was interested in software development from a very young age. I even developed a website back in school when I had no computer at home and had to rely on internet cafes to get access to the internet.

Later on, this interest is what prompted me to take up B.Tech and then helped me secure a programming role at a multinational company. 

What motivated you to seek out freelance opportunities?

I started exploring freelance opportunities after I moved to Bangalore. That was almost six years back. There were multiple reasons to it — I had a lot of spare time in hand after work hours, I could do with the additional income, and I knew it would enable me to pick up new technology and stay up-to-date with the latest industry trends.

What were the challenges you faced initially as a freelancer?

The biggest challenge would be the absence of a platform that you could trust. All the platforms that existed were entirely online. Everything happened through email or over their interface. This meant that you wouldn’t know who is sitting on the other side. And often you would have a hard time getting potential clients to trust you, especially the overseas ones. You would be asked to complete tests or demo projects to get the job. 

Another major challenge was that most of the other freelancing platforms require you to be active on the platform continuously. If you are not, getting projects becomes tougher. The problem here is that, when you have a full-time job, it is not possible to work continuously on freelancing projects. There may be times when your full-time job demands more of your time. So naturally, freelancing takes a back seat. And, if you try to work through it, you might end up doing a shoddy job at both.

How did you land your first gig?

I got my first freelance job through a freelancer marketplace. It was a small testing project that was priced at $10. I was happy to take it up because I knew that’s how I would gain experience and also, ratings and reviews.

How did you discover TapChief?

I follow the TapChief Blog (which I discovered through Google Search). I found it very helpful as it had articles on the latest trends in freelancing, how to maintain your work-life balance as a freelancer, and so on.

Eventually, I signed up to the platform. Just a few days later, someone from the team rang me up asking I would like to take a project. That’s how I got my first project on TapChief.

How has your experience been with TapChief? 

TapChief has definitely been a big help. It had made it much easier to find and work with clients whom you can trust. As I said earlier, on other platforms, everything happens over email or on their platform, and you don’t really know who the client is, whether they are trustworthy and whether you will get paid.

While on the other hand, TapChief is an Indian platform that connects Indian clients with Indian freelancers. I feel more secure about working on TapChief because the TapChief team gets in touch with me over the phone whenever required and also acts as a mediator when dealing with clients to ensure goes on smoothly. 

To be very honest, I’ve been on the lookout for something like TapChief for a while, something that caters to the Indian freelance economy. I’m glad I finally found it. 

What has been your favourite thing(s) about the platform?

The personal connection I have with the TapChief team.

I know I can get in touch with them whenever I need help. All the communications are timely and precise. I also like how the code will be shared with the client only after they release the payment.

Besides all this, the projects that I’ve worked on were of high-quality and very relevant to my skills.

What is it that motivates you in life?

I love to explore new things all the time. I’m never satisfied with what I do or learn at my 9-5; I want to keep learning and experimenting with new tech.

I also have a few startup ideas that I would like to work on. Of late, I’ve not been able to dedicate enough time for it, but that’s definitely something I’ve in mind.

What are your interests outside of work?

I love to travel around with family. Apart from that, I like to play badminton and tennis.

What are the tools and apps do you use to manage your gigs?

I’ve developed a few time tracking and project management tool by myself. I use those tools to manage my projects and my workflows.

I’m also a big fan of Google Drive.

Any tips or recommendations for up-and-coming freelancers?

Treat your freelancing job like your full-time job. Don’t take it lightly.

If you are committing something to the client, ensure you deliver on it in time. If you don’t, the likelihood of you getting new projects will significantly go down.

This article is part of our Humans of TapChief series, where we highlight the inspiring stories of TapChief community members who choose to live and work on their own terms.

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