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1000 Days Later: The TapChief Journey of Building the Future of Work

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TapChief is turning three today. It seems like only yesterday when we were in a BITS hostel room building our first venture, Edvice, an app that connects students to mentors from IIT, BITS and other top colleges for instant doubt solving. Edvice was acquired in early 2015 and marked the watershed moment that eventually led us to build TapChief as we know it today.

Day 0: The Eureka Moment

Fresh off the Edvice exit, we realised that we lacked the expertise, that most first time founders do, in running and scaling a startup. And there was no easy way to access this expertise. We realised the very same issues that students on Edvice faced with mentorship were incredibly more pronounced when it came to the professional world.

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While the right advice could make all the difference, we had seen that it was far from seamless back then. That was our eureka moment; that was the problem we wanted to address. The drive to make professional expertise accessible is where the idea for TapChief was born.

Day 300: From BITS to Bangalore

We rolled out the first version of TapChief within 45 days on 18th Feb 2016 where people could reach out to experts via phone calls for career and business advice. Thousands of successful phone calls later and emboldened by some heartwarming feedback, we moved to Bangalore to set up a full-time team and TapChief HQ.

Team TapChief back in 2016
Team TapChief back in 2016

As we started scaling, we soon arrived at a couple of realisations in late 2017.

  1. Phone calls weren’t enough. Our Users wanted to chat, meet and work with our Experts on engagements much longer than an hour.
  2. While one of the first use-cases was that of career advice, we soon had an increasing number of folks requesting expertise to empower their businesses.

On the one hand we had a million possibilities based on what our users wanted while on the other, I’d be lying if I said we didn’t have our moments of self-doubt.

Day 600: Do or Die

This led us to add workspaces, communication and project management tools, to enable our users to access expertise however they wanted. We went onto expand the scope of experts on TapChief to include strategy consultants, digital marketers, data scientists and many more, to open our doors to professionals from all walks of life.

Whether it’s a phone call, remote project or even a 5-minute survey, we’ve enabled professionals to monetise their expertise by working with amazing companies, the way they want to.

Today, we are an integral part of the entire lifecycle of a business going from idea to research to execution by enabling companies to access great talent, where they are.

Day 1000: Building the Future of Work

About a year of extensive tweaking, experimentation and countless coffees later, thanks to our remarkable and inspiring community, we have achieved things we’d have never imagined. We can today boast of a strong community of 65,000+ professionals who have completed 15000+ gigs and exchanged 100,000+ hours of expertise on the platform.

TapChief - empowering professionals

One achievement we’re particularly proud of is that TapChief has become a reliable, alternate source of income for quite a few members of our community.

So many of our users use these incomes to fund everything from their kids’ education to parents’ elderly care to their efforts to settle down and start a family.

One incident I fondly recall is that of a TapChief User who had resigned from her job to take a personal break. Little did she know the prejudice and indecisiveness of employers, when she tried making a comeback into the mainstream.

At this stage, she took on a 3-month gig with one of TapChief’s Partners. At the end of the gig, the partner was so impressed with her work that they offered her a full-time role at twice the compensation.

This opportunity to propel and even resurrect careers in some cases is truly inspiring and is the fuel that propels our team even further.

The point is that TapChief has been built on the shoulders of such people — from freelancers to retired professionals to women who are coming back from breaks. We have seen that ambition is rife amongst these individuals and we are going to work harder to bring their ideas and dreams to life.

Join us to find opportunities to work on interesting projects and earn meaningful incomes on your own terms.

TapChief Partners have played a massive role in the growth of our community, whether it is a growing startup like UpGrad who uses TapChief to mentor their learners on an on-going basis or a Fortune 500 like Unilever who is ushering in the next phase of technology growth by augmenting their existing team with independent professionals.  

We believe companies should have access to the best people, regardless of where they are. So, if you too are looking to work with an agile and exceptional community of independent professionals and domain experts, partner with us here.

Looking back, the journey has been humbling, from fighting for survival to moving to a new HQ and expanding to a 30+ member team (and still growing).

The Future of Work has a new look

As we look toward the future, our ultimate goal is to improve the quality of life of professionals.

[tweetshare tweet=”We envision a world where work is no longer restricted to a certain place or a time, it can happen anytime, anywhere.” username=”tapchief”]As a small step in that direction, we have refreshed the look and feel of TapChief. A critical element ushering in this change is our new logo.

As we begin the next stage of our journey, we wanted our logo to represent much more than just building blocks of your professional life. We wanted it to convey our beliefs and values in building an ecosystem where people can learn, connect and collaborate.

TapChief logo reveal

The orange shield represents the sense of security we want to provide to our community. Security built on the pillars of trust and shared responsibility. The colour orange is associated with joy and warmth, symbolising creativity, success, determination, health, balance, freedom, and fascination.  

The ‘T’ within the shield symbolises pathways to opportunities. We believe as the world is moving ahead, choices will be tailored to our experiences and learning will be in the form of bite-sized information and knowledge. Simultaneously, the transparent arrow in the middle stands for a seamless and transparent exchange of knowledge without any barriers.

TapChief - new team photo

It’s been a small tradition of ours to celebrate the day we were founded, 18th of February in our own little way. Back when we were a small team of 6 it was just a bunch of young lads unwinding over candid conversation and food.

Today, at this humble milestone, we gathered with our Top Experts for the Year, our kind investors, friends and family, whom we call TapChief Champions at our new HQ. It’s still early days, but we hope someday, we can gather a crowd of thousands under one roof to celebrate the success and impact of our community.

Before I wrap up, I just want to say we are incredibly grateful to everyone who has been with us on this fantastic journey — our users, partners, experts, investors, alumni, and members of our community.

All of this wouldn’t have been possible without you.

PS Team TapChief is growing, and we are on the lookout for ambitious, passionate and empathetic people with a strong bias for execution to join our journey. We have roles open across Product, Tech, Design, Marketing, Sales and Customer Success. If you are interested to impact #TheFutureOfWork, write to us on [email protected] with a small note on why you want to join us in building TapChief. We respond to all emails!

Shashank Murali

Shashank is the Co-founder & CEO at TapChief. Born and brought up in Bangalore, Shashank went onto pursue engineering from BITS Pilani to have exposure and learn about life outside his hometown. Dissuaded by boring lectures, Shashank began coding after being inspired by 'The Social Network'. These adventures led to him building Edvice and being one of the first undergraduates in 50 years of BITS Pilani history to have sold a company while in college. Today, Shashank is building TapChief with a mission to drive meaningful incomes and a better quality of life to professionals ushering in a new era of #TheFutureOfWork.

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