Everything you wanted to know about launching your first Facebook ad

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Facebook’s billions of users make it possible for a million advertisers to exist. Its 100-member team drives by working with advertisers to build the technology and necessary infrastructure so that advertisers can run effective campaigns on Facebook. Facebook has an advantage that most other advertising networks do not possess, you have almost every business’ target market present in here which means you can target based on different demographics.

6 reasons to advertise on Facebook:

It is highly effective:

Social media advertising has become huge these days and Facebook is one of the most powerful mediums of advertising helping businesses to get new leads. It is not late to jump on Facebook’s advertising bandwagon, there is still a lot of scope. Facebook has been amassing more users by the day and both B2B and B2C companies stand to gain immensely by advertising on the platform.

Set-up is easy:

You don’t have to learn a new skill set to advertise on Facebook, you could be a single shop vendor from a small town, but you would still be able to easily set up a Facebook ad. If your advertising budget is as low as $10, you can still start it. While most other ad platforms like Google AdWords are difficult to setup, you can create a Facebook ad in less than 15 minutes.

Dig deep down your audience:

Let’s say you want to target 25-35 year old men who work in a Fortune 500 firm located in the city of Mumbai, you can easily target people with such accuracy. This is something you cannot do in most other platforms as this kind of targeting is not available anywhere. This is what makes Facebook advertising extremely powerful. You can also target people based on their interests, let’s say you are selling a weight loss product, you will be able to target specific people from a particular Facebook group which is for weight loss. When you can arrive at your target audience like this, it becomes extremely easy to convert mere visitors into leads.


Facebook allows you to do Remarketing, it is a method where you can connect with your website visitors who did not make a purchase, by putting out targeted ads when they browse anywhere else. Since Facebook allows you to do Retargeting and most people on the Internet use Facebook, it is extremely important for you to retarget them when they come to the social media site as well, thus increasing the chances of them making a purchase.

It helps turn visitors into leads:

One reason for you to employ Facebook ads is to bring traffic to your website, but the next step is collecting information about the lead. This step is usually done when they sign up for your newsletter or take any other action on your site. But with Facebook, you can apply behavioral and demographic filters to target your Facebook ads to people who are interested in your stuff.

FB has special tools to help your cause:

Facebook delivers your ads to people who want to see them and as you grow your business and increase your leads, you are looking to make more success. This is where you can speed up the process with Tools. Some of the tools that you can use are Facebook Ads Manager, Qwaya, AdEspresso, AdStage and Hootsuite to name a few. You can use these in tandem with your ads to get the maximum effect.

Elements of a Facebook ad:

Keeping in mind that there are different kinds of businesses that wants to advertise on the platform, Facebook’s ads are highly customizable and it consists of 5 key elements which can be used in different forms.


It is probably the most important part of the ad without which it looks empty. A good image will attract the attention of the user and prompts the visitor to read the copy as well. The image used should be pleasing to the eyes.

Post Text:

This is the first text that your audience will see and this 90 character should be well written enough to get the customer hooked enough to click on the ad. This text is usually present above or below the image.


You can talk about your product in about 25 characters here. Hire a good copywriter to write compelling text.

Description of the ad:

You can grab the attention of the readers by packing a punch with each word. Please be reminded that you only have 200 characters to make the maximum impression.

CTA button:

The Call-to-Action button is the holy grail of ads as it is responsible to convert a visitor into a lead. You can use different phrases to lure people- some of them are “Sign up”, “Get free access” and “Sign up for free”

Types of Facebook Ads:

There are different types of ads that you can use based on your needs. Here are some of the ad types.

Desktop News Feed:

They appear within the main news feed and for a user, it will look like a normal status update or a post. These have great engagement rates because this type of content format is familiar to Facebook users. They are typically featured in the newsfeed of laptop and desktop versions of Facebook. They are the largest ad type too.

Mobile News Feed:

This type of ad as the name suggests, only appears for mobile and tablet users. They have a limited sense when it comes to using all the creatives thanks to the space restriction, but it will still make all the necessary impact.

Carousel ads:

This is being increasingly used by companies as it allows at least 5 images to show up in one ad. It is highly helpful for companies that have a variety of products and services to showcase their expertise. These type of ads are featured in the desktop and mobile device versions of Facebook. It can also be made to appear in the right rail of Facebook. For this type, Facebook chooses two images arbitrarily and formats them like a Desktop Right Rail ad.

Video ads:

Facebook’s video ads automatically play with the sound off and it has become immensely popular and powerful, especially because video is gaining name as a content type that is consumed the most by people. You can make the video ads more appealing by subtitling, creating your video ad in the form of a story and send customers to a landing page where they can take the next step of action.

Slideshow ads:

Think of it is a subset of digital video ads because Facebook converts still images sent by the business into a video. They can be shown with effects like fade out and the content will be 15 seconds long.

Desktop Right Rail ads:

These type of ads are displayed on the right hand margin on almost every Facebook page. These ad types are smaller in size than normal and can be shown any number of times and it will be counted as impressions.

Lead Generation ads:

This is an interesting type of Facebook ad because it doesn’t let the user leave the platform, but instead lets a visitor sign up as a lead by giving their details on Facebook itself. This is useful to get leads immediately but sometimes users can be put off by the lack of information that they are being shared before having to sign up.

Setting up your first Facebook ad:

Your ad’s success totally depends on the creative and copy without which people will not be enthused to share their details making it impossible to secure a lead.

In the campaign creation phase, you can choose the type of ad creative you want which can be chosen based on your campaign objective. It makes sense to test all the ad elements to see which one looks visually appealing before you decide on one.

Here is how you can add images:

  • You can either upload a picture from the system you are using
  • Take up a picture that has already been used
  • Find images from Shutterstock to use

Facebook has a partnership with Shutterstock making you eligible to have millions of stock pictures for free. In fact, using the right picture will make all the difference in your ad campaign’s success. DO not use the same image over and over again, do a bit of mix and match to see the ones that are performing well. This way, the partnership with Shutterstock is helpful for marketers around the world.

Best practices for Facebook ads:

Here are some of the things that you should keep in mind when designing a Facebook ad so that you get the maximum ROI.

Focus on your message:

Do not try to fit too much information into your image thereby losing out on the essence of the ad. Make sure you have a consistent theme in all your ads. Remember, the message is important.

Use high res images:

We are living in a time where even your smartphone can give you highly professional photographs. So you don’t necessarily need to hire a professional unless you can afford one. Pay attention to the size and quality of the pictures that you are using.

Create buyer personas:

Remember that a business does not have the same type of customers, they usually have customers, some of who maybe from a different occupation while another maybe from a different geography. You need to prepare your ads keeping in mind all of this and sell your products to them separately, this is where creating buyer personas is highly important.

Consistency is the key:

Showing on your potential customer’s feedback continuously will reduce any sort of friction that was present. If someone clicks on your ad, it is because they like what you showed them, it is your duty to send them to the next phase which is usually a landing page where you describe about your product in a more detailed way and hope that they take an action like subscribing for your newsletter or buy product or schedule a consultation.

The Ad Copy:

Good copywriters can spin magic with words and this is what you need when you are selling something to someone. Keep a bunch of different headlines and descriptions ready when you are about to create your ad. Keep your ad copy short and to the point. It should have some unique offer which will motivate the prospect to buy your product. Offering discounts and freebies usually help but let that not be your go-to strategy always at times.

You will be able to see a preview of your ad campaign before you launch it. In fact, setting up your ad copy is easy too, just enter the text in the right fields. Try different kinds of campaign to see which one works best for you. 

Maintaining and Measuring your Facebook ads:

After you are done with the creation of the ad, you also need to make sure that it is performing consistently and measure its effectiveness. You can view all the ad activities and make any sort of edits to the ad campaigns at Facebook’s Ad Manager.

Here is how you can view the performance data:

You can see all the details mentioned in effective detail on the Ads Manager, it is powerful because it has digital marketing features too. Here are some of the features that you can view- Campaign Name, Status of the ad- whether it is live or paused, Start Date, End Date, Budget, Remaining budget per day or for the entire campaign, Total amount spent so far.

If you need to see the details of the campaign in detail, then click on the campaign name in the ad management table. You will be welcomed with graphs, spreadsheet and other data loaded with details of that particular campaign.

You can do the following:

  • Select the date range for which you would like to see the data.
  • You can also pause the ad, change the budget and other information at the top left of the page
  • See the engagement created like people liking, commenting, sharing your post and clicking on your link
  • Frequency: The average number of times a person was exposed to your campaign
  • Campaign Reach: the number of people who saw your ads

Some of the other data that you can view are: Impressions, Clicks, Actions, CTR (number of clicks on your ad divided by the number of impressions), CPM (Cost per 1,000 impressions) and CPC.

We got the opportunity to interview Gopal Krishnan, Founder of the 4-hour Facebook Funnel Method and Visual Marketer. He explains to TapChief’s readers how we can attract the attention of your customers with your Facebook ads. He has worked with million dollar startups in India like Portea, Flintobox, Flipkart, BookMyShow and Freshdesk on their video and digital campaigns.

“How to Build a Facebook Brand in 5 seconds or less”

The average Facebook user is exposed to hundreds of ads and content every single day.

That means you should get their attention in 5 seconds or less. Or else, you get lost in their scrolling. After working with more than 200 Entrepreneurs and helping them with their Facebook campaigns, here’s what I have figured out- “Your ad is your Brand”. Most Entrepreneurs who run Facebook ads don’t realize the importance of creating an ad that will capture their target market’s attention within 5 seconds. But if you know how to do it, you will get leads on demand with a lower cost per Lead.

Here’s what your ads should have to capture attention:-

>>> A Promise that’s Bigger, Faster, Easier or Safer than what they have seen/heard before

For example, see, we don’t want to lose 1 kg in 30 days. We want to lose 10 kgs and get into the best shape of our life in 30 days. So, when your ad makes a bigger promise like the one mentioned above, you instantly start building a brand in 5 seconds or less. Find out what’s in your product/service that gets faster/bigger/easier results for your customers and create a bait that educates them about it.

Your competitors are lazy to do it. If you take the time to do this, you will stand out and get better results because people don’t expect to be sold on Facebook, but they want something fun, cool and exciting. Once you have created your bait, here’s what you do to launch a profitable Facebook campaign in 4 hours or less. You create a Facebook Lead ad and get the contact details of your prospects right inside Facebook without a landing page, email or a website. You onboard them on WhatsApp with the bait you have created and find out more about their situation.

Then, you get on a Sales call with the prospect and convert them into a paying customer. This simple method has enabled many of my students to launch profitable Facebook campaigns in hours, not days or months. If you want to know more about the method that I call the 4-hour Facebook Funnel, sign up for my free workshop at 4hourfbfunnel.com.


Facebook ads will be the Marketer’s dream thanks to the options and targeting that it is equipped with, an advantage that no other platform currently has. Use it wisely by investing a good amount of money on the design and copy to create a stellar ad. The entire onus of attracting the customer and turning it into a qualified lead depends on the usefulness and relevancy of the ad. Good luck with your Facebook ad campaigns.