Everything you need to know about the Google recruitment process

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It is ten times harder to get a job in Google compared to getting into Harvard.

Google receives over 3 million applications a year and there’s only a 0.2% chance of actually making it.

These stats are from 2014 and obviously, the picture isn’t any prettier now.

Google has been dubbed as the happiest company to work for and here’s why it is rightly called so:

The pay and benefits offered to the employees are among the best in the industry. Google even has implemented some of the best policies for maternity leaves, paternity leaves, death in the case of an employee etc.

The work environment and office space, which is extremely casual and fun, and doesn’t remind you of an office at all. It follows the mantra of “work and play”. Passionate people who are given the freedom to work on what they want to.

Here’s why this shouldn’t demotivate you. We’ve compiled a list of the Google recruitment process, the ways you can apply, the questions commonly asked, topics you should focus on etc. These insights should help you stand out from the rest of the candidates.

We spoke to an SDE at Google, Mayank Bhura, who gave us insight and tips to crack their notorious interviews.

Google conducts on-campus drives and has other off-campus portals through which you can apply.

On-campus placements

Though Google rarely comes to engineering colleges anymore, here’s the recruitment process for the ones that it does conduct the drive at.

To sit for the interviews, ensure you have 65% aggregate in your Xth to your graduation, and you have no backlogs at the time of your application.

There are two types of assessments that Google conducts for its on-campus recruitment. First is an online aptitude screening test which also includes coding questions and after this round, they hold 3–5 technical interviews.

Though the process is pretty straightforward, the time taken can be long-drawn and time-consuming.

Here are some of the commonly asked Google on-campus interview questions-

  • Given a string and dictionary of words, form a word by removing the minimum number of characters. Characters can be removed in-order only
  • Given n numbers (P1, P2, P3,…..Pn). Divide them into m contiguous partitions such that the sum of the maximum is minimum.
    For e.g. (5,1,4,2,3) and m =2
    then (5,1)(4,2,3)

Pro-tip: The range of questions asked during the interviews aren’t very broad. Practicing these questions helps you get the hang of tricks to answering these questions.

Off-campus placements

There are several portals through which you can. The best way to turn that application to an offer is through referrals or recommendations. The other channels are through the Google careers page or LinkedIn.

Though the off-campus recruitment process varies, here are the possible round you would have to go through. You may have to attend to telephonic interviews or would directly be called for face-to-face interviews. Google conducts 3–5 technical interviews and may hold an HR interview as well.

During the telephonic interviews, you would be asked to answer coding questions.

These are some of the commonly asked off-campus recruitment questions-

  • Given N shop coordinates on a 2-d plane, Find the nearest shop from a man whose coordinates are given.
  • Given a string and dictionary of words, form a word by removing a minimum number of characters. Characters can be removed in-order only.

Google Code Jam

Google Code Jam is the alternative and popular method for students to apply for a career in Google. It is a competition where students participate and solve algorithmic challenges which are designed by Google engineers.

There are several rounds that happen simultaneously; you can choose to join one or all of them.

This competition takes place during December and every round is a screening round. After this competition, the candidates that are shortlisted, are asked to appear for interviews.

The number of interviews taken depends on how the candidate performs. These are on-site, technical interviews and usually, the candidate would have to appear for 5 rounds.


Google offers internships to a small fraction of people. This is another method to start your career at Google.

You can apply for internships through their website. The screening process for the internship is usually telephonic interviews, where you are asked to answer 2 coding questions.

In a few cases, students had to appear for technical interviews and HR interview.

At the end of your internship, you will be asked to appear for interviews, and thereafter the decision would be made to offer a full-time role or not.

Topics and skills to focus on

Here are a few topics and skills you should focus on, before appearing for the interviews.


  • Data Structures and Algorithms
  • Computer Networks
  • Object-Oriented Programming (OOP)

Here are the skills interviewers focus on:

  • Problem-solving skills
  • Coding skills
  • Communication and presentation skills

The interviewers are judging your thinking process and your approach to the problem. Your focus should not be getting the right answer, rather the approach that should be chosen. Talk about the process you chose and why.

Use these tips to get placed in the happiest company!

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