A day in the life of software engineer at Microsoft

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Microsoft is one of the sought-after tech companies to work in ever since Satya Nadella took over the CEO.

Microsoft has gotten a 4 on 5 rating on Glassdoor and Satya Nadella has gotten a 96% CEO Approval rating!

So what makes Microsoft great?

  • Pay and benefits: Microsoft has got one of the best pay and benefits in the industry. On Glassdoor, Microsoft employees give the pay a 4.4 rating over 5.
  • Diversity: In this case, we refer to the diversity in terms of work. With its reach in several verticals, such as, hardware, software, phones, social networking etc., there’s no limit to the work opportunities you can access.

On top of this, Microsoft prefers pushing its current employees over hiring new talent.

  • CEO: Ever since Nadella has taken the position of CEO, Microsoft employees can’t stop gushing over how much change (for the better) he has brought into Microsoft.

If this has excited you into working at Microsoft, here’s how you can crack their recruitment process.

We spoke to TapChief expert, Isha Bansal, SDE at Microsoft, on how it is like to work for this tech giant.

Hi Isha! Thank you for joining us!

Hi, glad to help out 🙂

Isha, you’re currently working at Microsoft. How are you liking it so far?

I love it here! Everyone knows that Microsoft is a great place to work but I liking working here because I feel like I’m creating a positive impact on millions of lives. And this just pushes you to work harder.

Other than this, the quality of work I’ve seen is excellent and it becomes easier to work since the goals they lay out are crystal clear.

I also like how I’m given freedom to work on what I want and can request a change anytime. Plus, I’ve found great mentors here and the learning opportunities are unbelievable.

Sounds great! But working in an MNC, the work pressure must be hard to cope with? And don’t work timings get overwhelming?

Definitely not! Microsoft ensures its employees have a good work-life balance. And the timings are extremely flexible. They have not defined the work hours in any sort of way. It’s completely left up to you.

Coming to the pressure, there isn’t any pressure as such. But during the end of deadlines or around the time of product release, the pressure gets a little high. But the managers are extremely approachable and if you tell them that you feel a little too pressurized, they certainly help out.

Okay. Coming to your, describe your day working in Microsoft.

Here at Microsoft, we’re divided into teams of 9–11. We have one manager and 8–10 developers. The developers are a mix of SDE 1s, SDE 2s and senior developers.

At the beginning, we’re given our product task list and deadlines. Once the code is prepared, we have to submit it and everyone reviews it. After the review, we have to make the necessary changes.

Alright. One thing that Microsoft is known for, is its amazing pay structure. Is this true?

Yes! The salary that Microsoft provides is one of the best in the industry. For an entry-level developer, the pay given is between 15–17 LPA.

Whoa! That’s amazing! What about the career progression at Microsoft?

The promotions given in Microsoft is completely performance based. They see how you’ve grown over time and once you’ve reached a certain level, they offer a promotion.

If you feel you deserve a promotion, you could always speak to your manager and they will take it into consideration.

What about internal transfers? Does Microsoft encourage that?

Definitely. The process for this is pretty simple. You find a team you want to join and speak to the manager of that team. If the other manager too is happy with your work and wants you on-board, you communicate this to your current manager.

You may have to go through one or two interviews.

This last question is for candidates who are looking to get into Microsoft. What skills do you use the most?

Apart from clear coding, Microsoft judges people on their thinking process. They also pay a lot of attention to how you handle sticky situations and your perseverance.

The other skill that comes in handy is communication skills.

This was extremely helpful. Thank you for speaking with us, Isha!

Microsoft is a great company to work in and is currently hiring for a few roles. You can apply to them here.

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