Here’s how you can crack the Qualcomm Recruitment Process

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Qualcomm is involved in several verticals other than just designing and marketing telecommunication products. With their reach in automotive, healthcare and wearable technology, Qualcomm provides amazing work and learning opportunities.

Another forte of Qualcomm is their innovation. With being the first company that brought out 3G and 4G, they’re currently in the race to bring out 5G.

Here are a few things about Qualcomm that the employees love them for:

  • Casual and flexible work culture
  • Good work life balance
  • Approachable management
  • Learning opportunities

If you love technology and love to innovate, Qualcomm is the place to be placed. We spoke to CAD Engineer at Qualcomm, Maheep Tripathi, who shed some light on the Qualcomm recruitment process. Here’s how you can get placed at this tech giant.

Recruitment Process

Qualcomm conducts both on-campus and off-campus drives. Their off-campus recruitment process consists of referrals or recommendations, through the Qualcomm careers page, and through their Job Fair that they hold once a year or two.

The prerequisites to complete before appearing for these interviews are to have over 6 CGPA and no backlogs at the time.

The recruitment process is the same for both on-campus and off-campus-

  • Résumé screening
  • Screening written test
  • 1 Technical interview
  • 1 HR interview

The screening written test would be for 70 mins and would consist of 35–40 questions. The questions asked would be on aptitude, programming and core. The core section would consist of questions from the core subjects like Electronics, Computer Science, Mechanical, etc.

For off-campus recruitment, the number of technical interviews conducted would be more than 1.


For computer science candidates, these are the topics to focus on-

  • Coding languages
  • Loops
  • If Statements
  • Basic syntax

Electronics candidates, these are topics you should focus on-

  • Digital electronics
  • Microprocessors
  • CMOS


Here are some of the commonly asked questions in the Qualcomm interview-

  • Write a program to Delete a node, given only a pointer to the node in a Circular linked list
  • What is caching? What are the different types of available Cache schemes?
  • Given a set of ‘a’ white balls and ‘b’ black balls, what is the probability of drawing a white ball on your kth draw? (Draw balls without replacement)
  • Draw CMOS based ckt of various logic gates
  • What are Latency and Throughput?
  • What is pipe-lining in a processor?


You can get internships at Qualcomm through on-campus recruitment or through a referral. Internships are also a good chance to get a full-time job at Qualcomm.

At the end of the internship, the intern has an interview with HR and on the basis of that interview, the decision is made to offer a full-time role or not.

Qualcomm conducts an Ideaquest competition which is only for the interns. In this competition, they encourage interns to come up with new ideas from what they’ve seen around. This allows the interns to showcase their creativity.

Qualcomm takes care of its interns like takes care of its employees. They realized interns feel lost with the jargon used. So they created a document which will help them settle into the organisation better.

Quick Tips

  • The written test is mainly on fundamentals, so brush up on topics before you go for the test.
  • Sitting for mock interviews is always recommended as it’ll help you be slightly less nervous before appearing the actual interview. Here’s how you can prepare for interviews.
  • Maheep advises having an explanation for everything that’s on your résumé since that will be given importance during the interviews.

Use these suggestions and insights to get placed at Qualcomm!

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