The Secret to Building Your Employer Brand Amongst 2 Million Potential Employees

Employer branding
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At the time of publishing this post, the topic “Startups” had nearly 92,500 questions posted on Quora and 2.1 million followers. A young Indian techie by the name Raviteja Chirala is amongst the top 5 writers on this topic and his answers have garnered more than 2.5 million views in the last 30 days. He is followed by nearly a 1000 people and answers questions mostly on programming apart from a few on fitness and Telugu movies.

Now you must be wondering what does this have to do with your employer brand?

A closer look at Raviteja’s profile reveals that he has been working in Silicon Valley since the past 6 years with a flourishing career spanning biggies like IBM, Apple, and now Ayasdi. His career progression is something what dreams are made of in the tech world. His relevant answers around topics of his interest are upvoted and followed by a lot of people.

What stands out is the fact that Raviteja subtly but consciously mentions his current organization Ayasdi in his answers to questions posed on topics like “hottest machine learning startups to work for in the valley“,”machine learning”, “data sciences” etc. Ayasdi is a leading machine learning and big data analytics startup based out of the valley and is hiring aggressively at the time of writing this post.

How does Raviteja subconsciously help Ayasdi boost their employer brand?

Imagine Ayasdi being subtly and contextually endorsed in relevant posts around Big Data, Machine Learning, Data Analytics and the likes. With an ever increasing following on Quora, Raviteja is not only building his personal brand but also building Ayasdi as an employer brand amongst the tech fraternity in the valley and the world at large.

Imagine the impact on brand Ayasdi if a few more employees like Raviteja honestly review their positive experiences and turn them into interesting stories on a regular basis.

We have felt the positive impact of such an exercise while working on content marketing initiatives for a hyperlocal logistics startup client in India. Within a month of engaging and answering relevant questions on the topic Hyperlocal, we were amongst the top viewed writers for that topic for the month in February 2016.

Our moment of truth for testing this strategy surprisingly arrived when we started receiving plenty of upvotes and replies on my answers. The CEO of the company called up and shared that candidates, whom he recently interviewed, liked our answers on Quora.

An employer brand is not built by an employer, it’s built by its employees on the basis of the actions of the employer. To that extent, the employer needs to harness its employee base to spread positive stories about its brand. Having said that, a well thought out strategy to engage employees into contributing on social platforms will definitely reap results in the long run.

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