The Best of TapChief Insights in 2018

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2018 has been a tremendous year for us at TapChief. This year, we launched the Insights Feed, a place for professionals to share their experiences, learnings and gain knowledge from other domain experts.

TapChief Insights has gotten an amazing response so far. Over thousands of posts have been published by hundreds of professionals. The Insights Feed became a ground to learn and grow.  There have been some personal experiences, some significant research, some display of professional experience and a few weird ones shared among the 60,000+ TapChief professionals and we are glad to see the conversations these posts have generated.

We can’t possibly do justice to all the amazing posts TapChief Insights have had. However, as the year comes to an end, we’ve rounded up the top articles from different categories which have got highest upvotes, views, comments, shares etc.
This list broadly contains articles from Insights Feed that talk about Product Management, Tech, Coding, Marketing, Design and Entrepreneurship.

Best of TapChief Insights on Product Management:

  1. How do I prioritise the features as a product manager?– Saksham Jain

    “With my experience, prioritisation is one of the most complex skill to adapt. And deciding on what to do and when is a critical part of the role of product management.”

  2.  The Anatomy Of A Perfect About Us Page– Prince Kapoor

    “Which page is the most visited page (after landing page) in a company’s website? If you say, it’s “About Us” page, you are correct.”


  3. How to build your next app at 4x the speed– Noorain Panjwani
    “Feature and appeal isn’t all that’s required. You don’t want to release your app, only to find out, your competition beat you to it. Being agile and lean is the key to survival.”

  4. Product Market Fit: Are we there?– Abhinav Unnam
    “The major reasons related to product market fit are- No market need(42%), Poor product(17%) and product mis-timed(13%). At least 72% of startups face one of the product market-related issues directly, making it the primary reason for startup failures.”

  5. How To Become An Effective Product Manager– Arjun Krishna Vasisht
    “People who are comfortable mingling as well as debating with others, and leading other folks, (while respecting their opinions and differences) make good product managers. If that’s you, take note.”

Best of TapChief Insights on Marketing:

  1. Link Sharing on LinkedIn is dead. Here is what to do instead– Neil Dave
    “LinkedIn has joined other social networks Facebook, Twitter and Youtube in cutting down the organic reach of Brands & Business Pages. However, LinkedIn is behind the curve with no extensive cutbacks on Link Reach.”

  2. Personal Branding Experiment: Growing my Quora followers from 0 To 3000!– Vibin Baburajan
    “I will be sharing the lessons I learned by conducting small experiments on Quora. By using the below techniques and strategy, I have gathered over 1.3 million answer views and grew my followers from 0 to 3000!”

  3. 5 Things That Will Help You Decide whom to Hire For Digital Marketing! In-House Vs. Agency Vs. Freelancer– Tony Lawrence

    “Hiring an employee is good if you already know how the dynamics of digital marketing works. It’s an ever changing field. So it’s easy to get drained by a wrong hire in the long run.”

  4. 6 Digital Marketing Jobs and Career Paths You Should Go For– Anshul Khandelwal
    “Digital marketing sits at the centre of the marketing strategy for every company. We are going to discuss various digital marketing jobs; whether digital marketing is the right career choice for you, and how you can become a great digital marketer.”

  5. How Crucial is Content in Your Marketing Strategy?– Nidhin Jacob George

    “Did you know that 73% of major organisations hire a content person to manage their content marketing strategy? It might be interesting to know that content marketing costs 60% less than outbound campaigns and generates 3X more leads.”

Best of TapChief Insights on Emerging Technology:

  1. Cloud Computing: The new rainbow, to see which you need to look out of Window(s)- Pratyush Choudhury
    “In an era when we are at the cusp of a digital transformation, it is imperative for the management of non-tech businesses to focus on prioritising objectives and ensuring they are executed with precision. When you stare such a mammoth transformation, it is often advised to think of ways to own the entire infrastructure driving value.”

  2. Demystifying that Data Science Job in a Startup?– Abhinav Unnam
    “Startups are hot, data science is equally hip, making analytics/data job at a startup one of the most sort after jobs.”

  3. Introduction to Machine LearningDeepak Kumar Sahu
    “Spearheaded by Google, Machine Learning is being used by companies to predict user behaviour and offer utility like never before. Entrepreneurs can take advantage of this burgeoning tech to build better businesses”

  4. Understanding the Economics behind AI!– Pratyush Choudhury
    “Heavyweights like Microsoft, Google, Amazon, IBM and the likes are fighting a battle in the major leagues for attracting and retaining the right talent while they look to amass huge data sets gleaned from the billions of users of their services.”

  5. 5 Tips to Start your Career in Web Development– Swatantra Bhargava
    “Publish your own website There is no better way to learn web development then do actual changes on a live website. Following are the two types of web development jobs that you can explore.”

Best of TapChief Insights on Coding:

  1. Learning JavaScript– Sandip Das
    “If you want to learn JavaScript, there is many excellent article & video courses available. I did get confused about where to exactly start from when I started my JavaScript learning journey.”

  2. An Opinionated Guide to Preparing for Coding Interviews– Saurabh Maurya
    “The same recycled algorithm questions, some puzzles peppered in and a disproportionate amount of emphasis on your performance in the interview. Many argue that tech hiring is broken”

  3. List of free resources to learn Natural Language Processing– Shashank Gupta
    “Natural Language Processing (NLP) is the ability of a computer system to understand human language. Natural Langauge Processing is a subset of Artificial Intelligence (AI).”

  4. How To Optimise Full Stack JavaScript Applications And Deal With a Huge Database– Sandip Das
    “A majority of these issues were rooted in optimising a full stack javascript application where javascript is running in both frontend and backend at the same time and to handle large database (MongoDB).”

Best of TapChief Insights 2018 on Design:

  1. 8 UX Design Mistake You Need to Avoid in Mobile App Development– Guru Makhija
    “If you want to improve your business potential in this field, then besides improving the functionalities of the app that you are designing, you should also concentrate of refining the user experience of the apps that you have designed.”

  2. Top 10 Material Design Frameworks for Modern UX/UI Design– Prakash S
    “Are you building websites, web apps or mobile apps without using one of these super helpful material design frameworks? Maybe it is the right time to look at this list of material design frameworks and start using one to speed up your design workflow, and to create material design compliant UX/UI.”

  3. Key elements to product UX– Siddharth Surana
    “What makes your web application different maybe not the functionality, but how a user perceives it. Most successful applications keep the user in the middle and design around it.”

  4. Logo Designing Mistakes You Need To Bid Bye TodayKavita Paliwal

    “Having a unique and distinguished logo is a crucial step in establishing your brand name and identity. A good logo that is simple yet elegant, impactful, catchy and delivers a strong message to the clients and consumers is a must for any business.”

  5. 7 ways Google Analytics helped a travel portal in better UI/UX design and increased customer engagement by 10X– Sonesh Prakash
    “Reports tend to give a lot of valuable inputs which can direct your future UI and UX efforts. Here are seven reports that helped my client and will also help you with interesting insights into your design strategy”

Best of TapChief Insights on Startups:

  1. Why Start-up fails– Manoj Kumar Trivedi
    “It is not only a common perception but reality – Why 90% of Start-up fails in the first year itself. Some of the shortfalls are mentioned below leading to failures.”

  2. What Are The Best Sales Tools For Startups?– Mehul Shah

    “If you haven’t already embraced the flood of great software in the sales market, it’s time to start. Here are some of the best tools out there for modern sales reps.”

  3. Five things your PR agency is not telling you!– Ananya Singh 

    “Having worked and dealt with more than 10 PR firms in the past six years, I have only come to know one thing for sure; the agencies will just about promise anything to get you onboard, no matter how unrealistic and unattainable those deliverables are.”

  4. How did Uber, Airbnb get their first 1000 customers?– Anil Sathe
    “We always wonder how giants were, when they were still a young business. What would have been reactions from prospective business partners, investors? How did they scale up?”

  5. Entrepreneurship within boundaries– Chirag Shah
    “The current generation has got into the entrepreneurial mindset and the ecosystem to nurture those is very much present. Start-ups are competing to raise funds and getting funded is a big achievement by itself, though fate after that is not a concern.”Hope you enjoyed reading these articles!


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