The Verdict Is Out: The Best IT Companies To Work For In 2017

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These companies have been declared as the best companies to work for in 2017

The major profiles you can apply for, like software engineering, marketing, product management etc.

With the right preparation landing these jobs will be a cake walk

The Economic Times recently conducted a study of the top companies to work for in 2017, and the IT sector dominated this list.

According to the study, there are four factors which affect the employees’ perception of the workplace and differentiates it from other workplaces:

  • Career chart
  • Care for the employees
  • Fairness among employees and genders
  • Benefits provided

Below mentioned are the top 5 companies to work for and what sets them apart from the rest.

1. Intuit India

  • Founded: 2005
  • Employees: 948
  • Rank in 2016: 10

Intuit is one of the few companies who has openly accepted and put down LGBTQ rights and is known for their inclusiveness. They not only care about your work but also your health and well-being. You can see this in their Second Opinion Services program, where you can get expert advice on your health, including mental health issues.

They provide their employees with ‘unstructured’ time where they get to think about customer problems and innovate new solutions.

Currently, they have openings in Software Engineering and Product Management among others.

Their recruitment process is fairly simple. It usually consists of a single Technical and HR round. This may vary depending on the role. For a Senior or Managerial position, they may conduct 3 Technical interviews, 2 Managerial and HR interviews.

Their starting salary for Software Engineer I falls between 10.5L- 12L/ p.a.

Speak to the TapChief Coach, Muhammed Rajeef M K and get to know more about Intuit’s recruitment process.

2. Google India

  • Founded: 2004
  • Employees: 1863
  • Rank in 2016: 1

It is no surprise that Google is on this list. Apart from the free and amazing food it offers, Google is also known for its casual and energetic environment.

Apart from work, it also lets its employees pursue their passion for music, arts etc.

It is majorly hiring for roles in app development and marketing.

To understand their complete hiring process, click here.

Their starting salary for Software Engineer I falls between 14L- 15L/ p.a.

Speak to the TapChief Coach, Adarsh Pugalia and get to know more about Google’s recruitment process.

3. SAP Labs India

  • Founded: 1998
  • Employees: 6489
  • Rank in 2016: 7

Apart from Germany, SAP Labs India has the largest workforce and is looking to expand by 2,500 at least.

It has started an accelerator program, SAP Startup Studio, which focuses on early or growth-stage startups that use disruptive technology to solve complex business challenges.

It has also reworked its sabbatical policy, where people who have worked for over 2 years or more in SAP can take a sabbatical for entrepreneurship for up to two years.

It is majorly hiring in Developer and Sales roles.

Their recruitment process varies depending on the role.

Their starting salary for Software Engineer I falls between 7L- 7.5L/ p.a.

Speak to the TapChief Coach Kishore Kumar and get to know more about SAP Labs’ recruitment process.

4. Adobe India

  • Founded: 1997
  • Employees: 4875
  • Rank in 2016: 21

Adobe India has made a lot of changes which has helped it move from 21st position to the 4th position.

Its new policy aims at easing new moms return by assigning them buddies. It has tried to close their gender gap and has focused on hiring more women and it has gone up from 23% to 31%.

It is majorly hiring for the positions of software engineers and management consultants.

Adobe’s recruitment process varies as well. But usually consists of a technical interview and HR interview.

Their starting salary for Software Engineer I falls between 8L- 9L/ p.a.

Speak to the TapChief Coach Aanchal Maheshwari and get to know more about Adobe recruitment process.

5. NetApp India

  • Founded: 2001
  • Employees: 1536
  • Rank in 2016: 31

NetApp focuses on recruiting fresh talent. It does this by working with faculties in various IITs such as IIT Hyderabad or IIT Bangalore and ensuring the students (and their future employees) are taught infuse storage, data management, and cloud-related content.

It is mainly hiring for software engineering roles.

The recruitment process varies but it usually consists of a telephonic interview, followed by technical interview and HR interview.

Their starting salary for Software Engineer I falls between 8L- 11L/ p.a.

Speak to the TapChief Coach Naresh Kumar and get to know more about NetApp recruitment process.

Apart from the fun and energetic work culture, these companies focus on giving their people the freedom to study and pursue they wish to and the freedom to make their decisions.

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