8 effective alternatives to MailChimp

Here are some great alternatives to MailChimp
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While MailChimp is the most popular email marketing tool, but it has a few drawbacks.

Though the features are amazing for the initial cost, after 50,000 emails, MailChimp gets expensive and doesn’t justify the ROI.

The other disadvantage of MailChimp is that, though it is a free service, most of its features are locked and can only be availed after paying the premium price.

Another disadvantage of being a free service is that your emails may be recognized as spam and will not go into the inbox. Therefore the open rate will be very low.

Keeping all these points in mind, we thought of these other mailing programs, which are just as useful MailChimp.

1. GetResponse

Pricing: $15/month

Source: Beebom

Almost similar to MailChimp, GetResponse is preferred over the two since it is easy to use with its simple interface and other features like 500+ HTML email campaign templates, newsletter designs, free access to over 1,000 iStock images, landing pages and exit pop-ups, full-fledged CRM functionality, auto-responders, free inbox preview, import/export lists, A/B Testing etc.

Users not only like it because it’s cheaper than MailChimp but can also create landing pages and exit pop-ups.

2. Emma

Pricing: $89/ month

Though the pricing is on the higher side, Emma, the modern emailing program, is known for its aesthetically appealing email templates. With over 200 templates, it helps you create beautiful emails, which are a guaranteed read.

Another feature of Emma is that it has easy-to-read reports and you can even download and use the data you require.

Emma allows you to create pop-up forms. These pop-ups can be quirky and are the easiest way to gather emails.

Users prefer Emma for its aesthetically appealing and creative email templates.

3. AWeber

Pricing: $19/month

AWeber is a popular emailing platform, a close second to MailChimp. Its delivery rates are amazing, one reason its users love the program. The other reason? its low pricing and mobile application.

AWeber also offers 700+ templates, so you don’t have to spend time customizing your emails. Its other features include its easy integration with WordPress, PayPal, Facebook and more, auto-responders, easy importing/exporting of your subscriber list, opt-in forms optimized for mobile devices, A/B broadcast testing, in-depth analytics, 4 split tests etc.

Its drawbacks include- there is no option to upload files and customers have to confirm their subscription to the list.

Users prefer AWeber for its better email tracking capabilities and customer support.

4. ActiveCampaign

Pricing: $17/month

ActiveCampaign is a great program for every business because of its low and flexible pricing. You can also handle email marketing, CRM and automation all at one place.

Some of its features are- Drag-and-drop interface, HTML templates, free image hosting, scheduled/ event specific marketing campaigns, uploading of contacts and much more.

David Kadavy moved to ActiveCampaign for its simplistic automation feature.

5. SendInBlue

Pricing: Free version- 9,000 mails/month.
Starting paid option- $7.37/month for 40,000 emails/month

SendInBlue pricing is not only low, they also customize it to suit your business size. You can also send SMS campaigns along with your email marketing.

Some of the highlights of SendInBlue is that it allows for scheduling and auto-responders, real-time reports, integration with Google Analytics. It also ensures that your mail isn’t marked as spam and offers integrations with WordPress, PrestaShop and Magneto.

Users found SendInBlue to be cheaper and easier to use. The feature of SMS campaign also attracted a good number of users.

6. Constant Contact

Pricing: $20/month

Constant Contact is a great emailing platform for small businesses. It has various flexible plans to suit different types of businesses.

Constant Contact also holds several types of webinars which teaches how to use email marketing platforms, including theirs. They also have 400+ templates and easy-to-use interface.

Other features include scheduling of campaigns, Drag-and-drop newsletter design, better delivery rates and more.

Capterra preferred Constant Contact for its support and deliverability.

7. iContact

Pricing: $52/month

iContact focuses on smaller databases, as seen in their plans.

It is an easy-to-use program, especially for those who don’t know email marketing. Capterra mentions their ‘Message Coder Tool’ as a highlight feature since it allows you to customize the templates without needing to know HTML. It also provides learning materials and webinars which helps to understand email marketing.

It also has social media integration, spam control, auto-responders, reports etc.

Users prefer iContact for its support and better email templates.

8. Campaign Monitor

Pricing: $9/month

If you want aesthetically appealing and beautiful emails, Campaign Monitor is the platform for you. Beebom reports that 99% of the customers have been more than satisfied with their services.

Other features include- beautiful drag-and-drop Email newsletter editor, hundreds of mobile and web-ready HTML templates, A/B Testing, Campaign automation, Insightful analytics, Social integration etc.

You can also preview how your mail is going to look in the client’s inbox for $5.

Users prefer Campaign Monitor for simpler and logical interface and its phone support.

What is the one functionality that you look for in email marketing programs? Mention it in the comments below.

If you know of any other mailing program which we may have missed out, please mention it in the comments below.

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