5 Things Every Marketer Should Avoid on Twitter

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The digital marketing scene these days makes it must for marketers to be present and mostly, be active on various social media platforms.

Twitter with its 280 character restriction makes for a great platform to share your thoughts in a succinct manner.

According to TapChief Expert, Vivek Nair, here are the 5 main things you should avoid doing on Twitter.

I am kinda addicted to social media these days especially Twitter. Twitter has taught me a hell lot of things starting from marketing to client management to personal development to communication. So I don’t mind spending my valuable time on various social media platforms to learn new things.

So what has this addiction gifted me? As of today, more than 5900 followers on  Twitter alone.

So being an avid user of various social media platforms, it has taught me to do and don’ts for the users. Let’s get onto that:

Avoid using auto DMs as they are horrible (Or at least the free ones do)!: 

Most of the times, once you follow someone on Twitter, that same instant you receive an auto DM (Direct Message) thanking you for following them. Very rarely, these auto DMs are customized or devoid of the tool’s name or without a pitch or a freebie. This sucks because it shows how lazy you are or how careless you are to carpet bomb what you have to say to all your followers, irrespective of their relevance. So either uses a paid version of DM tools with a customized message for each follower or do it manually (unless and until you are a celebrity).

Incomplete profile information is a BIG NO-NO:

Recently I tweeted about some new eatery I tried and all of sudden, another food joint tweeted to me with an invite to try their food. As a foodie, I liked that. But the major turn off there was that twitter account had an incomplete profile- no information on their location except the city, no website etc. Never ever leave your profile incomplete. That will drive your prospects away.

Never ever carry an EGG FACE: 

This is the biggest mistake a marketer or a social media user can commit. Some of you might be unaware of what an egg face is. When a user doesn’t upload their profile pic, twitter puts an egg shape as the profile picture. Almost 99% of the time, no one will follow an egg face back. So make sure you have a proper profile picture set for your profile.

Don’t make your profile using HASHTAGS:

Hashtags are great tools to make your account discoverable as social media users search their interests based on them. For example, if you sell tools for Startups, its advisable to use the hashtag #startups in your profile so that their target audience connects. But many a time, one can come across twitter profiles which are vomited over by hashtags. Overuse of hashtags makes your profile clumsy and ridiculous to look at. Stick to 2-3 hashtags in your profile, if you have to.

Don’t sell TOO FAST:

Almost every marketer on Twitter is there to promote their services or building a personal brand. Everyone knows that but it is absurd to pitch your service the moment someone follows you. The ideal way to make a sale happen via Twitter is to connect, engage, help and then pitch. Trying to sell too quickly has an adverse effect on the reputation of your brand.

Twitter is a fantastic tool for every modern day marketer if used properly. As per latest statistics, it has over 320 million monthly active users as on Q1 2017. Aren’t those cool numbers for any marketer out there?

So avoid the don’ts, devise a proper marketing plan for Twitter, execute it and measure your growth.

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