Azeem Zainulbhai

High Stakes Communication, Business Development and Product Management for Digital Businesses

Mumbai, Maharashtra, India

Digital Marketing Business Development
My strength lies in building relationships with a broad range of people in India and Globally and using those relationships to build new businesses/partnerships and great teams. Additionally, I can build teams across, business development, finance, and marketing (specializing in digital).

I do this by assembling seemingly disparate facts into a cohesive, tangible story - and then using those stories to inspire and engage even the most sceptical clients or employees.

Over the past half-decade, I have had the pleasure and luck of working with India's leading entrepreneurs and helping them scale rapidly in India and Globally.

Please feel free to contact me at azainulbhai (AT) gmail (DOT) com.

Skills: Digital Marketing, Data Analytics, High Stakes Communication, Fundraising, Chief of Staff / Framework Driven Thinking, Team Capacity Building and Organization, Financial Analysis and Modelling, International Expansion

Sector Experience: Deep Learning and AI in Healthcare, B2B Ecommerce / General Trade Retail, Real Estate Classifieds / Development, Data Analytics, Online Table Booking, Real Estate Development, Private Equity/ Investment Banking, Government of India (Railways)

Partner at Outsized Group

Director at Outsized

Apr 2018 - Present

Outsized transforms the way financial services clients and high-quality consultancies, agencies and specialist freelancers find each other. Currently, many clients default to the biggest brand consultancies for external support, even when these consultancies lack deep expertise or implementation experience for specific projects. Alternatively, clients go through risky and time consuming word-of-mouth searches which results in varied quality. Outsized provides the solution. By leveraging strong network effects and combining machine learning technology with human curation from senior financial services experts, Outsized helps clients find vetted, high-quality expertise each time. The consultants we work with deliver innovation, deep expertise, agility and proven execution capability. The result? Better project outcomes, driving growth, efficiency and skills transfer to client teams.

VP - Strategy and Business Development at

Mar 2018 - Present has built deep learning algorithms for radiology image processing. The set of algorithms have evolved over the last two years into products that detect abnormalities in Chest X-Rays and Head CT Scans. In addition to our sophisticated deep learning technology, we have trained the algorithms on one of the largest datasets collected in radiology - over 1.5mm Chest Xrays and 300k Head CT Scans. Our products fit directly into radiologist workflows by working with existing viewers, RIS, and PACs to ensure there is no disruption or new processes needed by the radiologist.


B.A. Economics at University of Chicago

Jul 2000 - May 2004

Push pixels...
Shovel coal into server...
Create mockups...
Defend the wall...
Draft storyboard...
Disrupt an industry...
Achieve profitability...
Become a unicorn...
Become Batman...