Ankit Shah

Verification Engineer at ARM | Audio Processing Researcher | Technology Enthusiast

Bengaluru Area, India

Amazon Voice Service & Alexa Skill Kit Speech Signal Processing Resume Writing Amazon Web Services (AWS)
My research interests lie in Machine learning, Audio processing and Computer Architecture.
I have experience working on semi supervised classification techniques, audio processing to learn semantics between sound files.
Recipient of IEEE MGA SAC Student Enterprise Award, Region 10 for two consecutive years [2013 and 2014].
Top 5 percent performer [rated exceptional] in annual review of 2016 at ARM.

Github account:
Tech Blog :
Experience working with Speech Processing Toolkit such as Hidden Markov Toolkit (HTK), Praat, Festival, openSMILE. Familiar with ARM protocols like AMBA, AXI, and power architecture on mobile and enterprise scale systems.
Familiar with Cadence Digital implementation system - Encounter.

Specialties :
★ Audio Processing
★ Deep Learning
★ Machine Learning
★ Internet of Things
★ Computer Architecture
★ Embedded System
★ Marketing
★ Component Design for System Verification

Verification Engineer at ARM

Nov 2016 - Present

✓ Owner of inhouse tool development for verification of multiple systems ✓ Responsible of integration tasks relating to bringup of systems from scratch ✓ Received exceptional rating in annual review for performance work - Top 5% of employees.

Mentor at Junior Academy, Global STEM Alliance at The New York Academy of Sciences

Dec 2015 - Present

Mentored a group of students aged 13-19 on a wearables challenge to solve global issue. Our team Aquavitae, developed a water filtration system which provides underserved people access to clean water. We won the wearables challenge during the Global Stem Alliance [GSA] 2016 Summit. For more details on our project, please visit:-

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