Aishwarya Vardhan Chaturvedi

Engineer. Social Scientist. Businessman

New Delhi Area, India

Online Writing Recruitments Industrial Engineering Operational Planning Operational Efficiency Inbound Marketing Leadership
I see internet offering new ways to tell our stories. And I see myself, and a lot other people, doing more and more things online.

I believe that tomorrow's brands will be built today, online. I'm diving in to figure out ways to build online brands and maybe, help you or your business in the process. If you have a story to tell, I will love to spread it. Hit me up, let's discuss.

Connecting Life's Dots Backward:

I'm an Engineer by education. I studied Industrial Engineering because I found that the curriculum beautifully combined engineering and management, two fields I'm hugely interested in. I agree with Eric Ries when he says that Management is essentially Human Systems Engineering.

I'm a social scientist by interest. As a freshmen, up until my junior year, I conducted epidemiological research - that's basically understanding human behavior, in the context of transportation planning. I soon became interested in psychology and read everything I could on personal and organizational psychology. I continue to conduct random experiments, online and offline to prove / disprove my hypotheses about how we behave. That's how I see myself as a social scientist, and the world as a laboratory.

I'm a businessman by choice. Not only do I believe, that businesses are the best institutions you can build, I also see businesses as the ultimate sport (to quote Mark Cuban) that combines people, product and processes (Quote, Marcus Lemonis). I believe that you can build great businesses by combining engineering and management in just the right proportions. I love reading, understanding and building businesses. I'm currently spending all my time around businesses that are helping to create a healthy and sustainable life on the planet.

Specialties: Content Marketing, Business Model Canvas, Product Management, Strategic Consulting, Lean Managment

Co Founder at #Mensch

Jul 2016 - Present

#Menschen believe that generosity and candor build a brand online. We add personality to brands and help make more conversations happen by using content marketing techniques. We are looking to collaborate with businesses in the internet, SaaS and consumer goods industry. Hit me up if you are in any of those 3 industries. My day to day responsibilities include: ● Project Delivery for partner brands ● Prospecting new businesses and building relationships ● Research on content marketing techniques & platforms ● Fundraising & managing business's P&L


Industrial Engineering at IIT Delhi

Jun 2009 - Apr 2013

I studied Production & Industrial Engineering, managed responsibilities at Entrepreneurship Cell, Board for Hostel Management, Board for Recreation and Cultural Activities in addition to pursuing research in the field of Human Resources, Psychometrics, Operations Management, Service supply chains and Transportation Research & Planning.