Abubakar Maniyar

Manager/Administrator, Market Data at HSBC Global Banking & Markets

Bengaluru Area, India

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HSBC Job Role - Manager/Administrator
1. Operating the Market Data Manager (MDM) application for maintaining Contracts and reconciling invoices
of all the HSBC vendors. Eg: Thomson Reuters, Bloomberg, Moody’s, Lexis/Nexis etc. (Approx. 270
2. Preparing Budget, Cost reports and MI for the different business areas on monthly/quarterly basis for
different regions like Hong Kong, United Kingdom, Germany and Middle East.
3. Maintaining and Declaring HSBC users to the vendors for Exchanges, Applications and other Investment
Management services.
4. Training to the new joiners and existing team members on MDM and other market data related tools.
5. Managing a team of six, their monthly one on ones and also the yearly appraisals. Verification of all the
Admin tasks like uploads, RPM, Declarations, invoice reconciliation and projects.

Unisys Job Role
1. Operating the Oracle 11i application and using ERP for processing Order Management and Service Contract
Billing to maintain Accounts Receivable for the UNISYS clients.
2. Generating Invoices and Credit Notes for Unisys clients based on the request from Project Controllers, Order
Management team in different location all over world using taxes with respect to the countries. Invoice
includes the Country Tax, Accounting Rule, Invoicing Rule, Billing Cycle and Discounts.
3. Providing AR reports to CO-DEPARTMENTS like GMA, CAA, and BOL respective teams within the
Unisys. Sending mails and Attending Conference calls from Bismarck HO.

Sathyam Digital scales Job Role and Achievements
1. Direct selling of Digital weighing and measuring instruments which includes scientific instruments
Achieving sales target on quarterly basis and maintaining the accounts receivable.
2. Managd team of three members, designing sales target for the team and helping them in achieving it.
3. Helping the dealer in maintaining sales accounts (Credit Approvals) the brand promotion, launching
schemes and updating about the existing and prospective customers.

Manager / Administrator, Market Data at HSBC Global Banking and Markets

Aug 2016 - Present

Senior Analyst/ Assistant Manager at HSBC Global Banking and Markets

May 2013 - Present

Finance Analyst, Marker Data at HSBC Global Banking and Markets

Mar 2010 - Present

Transaction Processing Analyst at Unisys India

Jul 2008 - Aug 2010

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