Abhay Kumar Bhadani, Ph.D.

Sr. Technical Lead (Data Science) at Yatra Online Pvt Ltd

Delhi, India

Decision Sciences Natural Language Understanding Data-driven Decision Making Natural Language Processing Machine Learning Big Data
Career Goals: To become a well-known solution provider using technology (Data Science/Natural Language Processing/Machine Learning/Artificial Intelligence/Big Data/Cloud Computing/IoT/MANETs/Sensors/Networks/Algorithms) and help students to realize their dreams by mentoring.

Expertise: Mathematical Optimization, Dynamic Pricing, Telecom Fraud Detection and Analytics, Recommender Systems, Machine Learning, Decision Sciences, Natural Language Processing, and Decison Making under Uncertainity.

Always open to help future generation (+2/ undergraduates/postgraduates/researchers ) students by providing/ guiding/ counseling / mentoring them for taking judicious career choices. I am also open to guiding/mentoring in UG/PG/PhD projects.

In case you need any help, just drop an e-mail at: [email protected]
You can also WhatsApp/SMS at +91 8882993750

Modeled preferences of the users for various mobile services using machine learning, and recommender systems that helps telecom operators in cross-selling, up-selling, bundling and dynamic pricing of different products and services.

Developed sound understanding of Multi-Criteria Decision Making, Consensus Building Algorithms, Fuzzy Set Theories and its applications.

Programming Languages: R, Python, TCL/TK, AWK, C, Java, Shell script
Big Data Platforms: Hadoop, HDFS, AWS
Big Data Languages: Spark, PySpark

Sr. Technical Lead (Data Science) at Yatra Online Pvt Ltd

Mar 2018 - Present

Time Series to predict Flight fares, Dynamic Discounting, Modeling competition using Optimization, Heuristics and Machine Learning. Leading the development of YUVA (Yatra Universal Virtual Assistant), an intelligent voice response and chatbot engine with a highly charged team-members using In-house NLP engine.

Technology Mentor/ Advisor at few startups in Advertisement, Data Science Education, Health SNS, Back-end operations efficiency

Aug 2016 - Present

Data science and decision making with the help of Mathematical optimization ( LP/MILP/QCP) using Python CPLEX for revenue and sales management. Course designing for data science, NLP based product conceptualization.

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