Santu Dey

Growth Hacker at Curofy, Previously Jugnoo

Gurgaon, India

python Project Management Growth Hacks Django Digital Marketing
I am a marketer and Full Stack Developer all in one, balance the intersection of psychology and technology. I hack at night and market during the day.

♦ A few things about me
✔ Previously made - A platform for early stage music artists.
✔ Made the first prototype of Jugnoo (Uber for auto) at Hackathon (Thanks to Samar sir (Founder of Jugnoo)).
✔ Growth mindset with the power of Tech.
✔ Spend 60% of my time by coding at the office and 90% of the time at home.
✔ I Believe in T shape Profile (Learn everything I can found interesting but master of Userbase Growth).
✔ Acquire 1 to 15% doctors of India within 5 months.

♦ Experiences
★ Growth Hacker (2 years+ at Curofy).
★ Growth Hacker (1.5 years at Jugnoo).
★ ios App developer (4 months as an iOS Intern).
★ Android Developer (6 months as a freelancer).
★ Web Development (1-year Personal side project - Musiclamhe).

Growth Hacker - Largest Community of Verified Doctors at Curofy

Oct 2015 - Present

My responsibility is Growing the Userbase with the help of Product and Marketing. ► Tech: I use python as my main tech stack, rather than that I have a good knowledge of Django, Javascript, HTML + CSS, Data Scraping ►Acquisition - Paid: Have experience of managing $50,000/month of the paid marketing campaign. Channel I used Facebook ads, Google Adwords, affiliate marketing, media buying, SMS marketing etc. ►Acquisition - Organic: Broadly focused on Search engine optimisation (SEO), App Store Optimisation (ASO), Content marketing, Directory Posting, building links ►Analytics: We have millions of data point, tracking the right one and analyzing the data for growth is challenging, I use Mixpanel, Google Analytics, SQL, Tableau, Python etc for all these. ►Product: Acquiring is one part of the story, connecting a user to the product value is my product responsibility. So I am Working with a dedicated team to build invite flow, in-app content sharing, Email & notification automated system and Onboarding to give the best experience of what we do.

Push pixels...
Shovel coal into server...
Create mockups...
Defend the wall...
Draft storyboard...
Disrupt an industry...
Achieve profitability...
Become a unicorn...
Become Batman...