Raghavendra Rao

Product Manager at Voxvalley Technologies

Hyderabad, Telangana, India

VoIP protocols SIP Media Gateways Live Streaming Streaming Media Multimedia VoIP
1. Expertise with pjSIP based Android, iOS Mobile dialer development with Audio, Video Call and IM chat with SIP/XMPP.
2. Expertise with Janus webRTC gateway, SIP Proxy server based on kamailio and Media Relay based on RTPProxy.
3. Expertise with webRTC based and pjSIP based H263, H264, VP8 Video/Audio Calling.
4. Expertise with integrating OPUS-G711 and OPUS-G729 transcoders into Janus webRTC gateway and RTPProxy. Integrated gstreamer media framework to RTPProxy 2.0.0 module
Proficient in developing Gstreamer based proprietary multimedia plugins such as MPEG TS Muxer, Closed Captions (CEA 708/EIA 708) Pass through feature module for IP broadcast/Streaming Encoders and VoD playout servers, HLS – HTTP Live Streaming support and RTMP.
5. Proficient in Video streaming protocols such as HTTP Live Streaming, RTMP and streaming over UDP/RTP.
6. Proficient in developing OpenMAX-IL components such as H264 Video Decoder, Audio parsers such as MP3 Parser, Audio/Video Renderer and to convert OpenMAX components to Gstreamer elements through gst-openmax plugin.
7. Proficient in developing single web page audio/video/IM chat applications. Developed a Video/Audio/IM chat single webpage application using webRTC over XMPP.
5+ years of experience in developing, testing, integrating and porting the multimedia plugins to various multimedia frameworks such as Gstreamer, OpenMAX IL and developing, testing and porting the DLNA DMR applications on Set Top Box in Linux environment and Android environment.
8. 4+ years of experience in feature enhancements, bug fixing and maintenance of Telecom products such as VoIP MediaGateway, DCME and NCM.
Experience in working with various Protocols/Technologies such as SIP, VoIP, webRTC, DLNA/UPnP etc.
9. Experience in working with various Processors such as TI-C55x, ARM9/11, ARM cortexA8/A9 and TXS1000.

Product Manager at Voxvalley Technologies

Mar 2016 - Present

Android, iOS Mobile Client development with Audio, Video Call and IM support


B. Tech at SVU

Nov 2000 - Mar 2004

I did my Engineering in ECE stream.

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