Priya Roopani

Luxury/Business & Retail Consultant Globally

Mumbai, Maharashtra, India

 Mentoring/Leadership BUSINESS DEVELOPMENT Merchandise Planning Creating Successful Businesses Retailing Experienced Trainer Alliances Sales Trainings Luxury Sales and marketing Auditing Merchandising Operations Retail Team Management Branding Real Estate CRM Customer Service
Been in THE RETAIL INDUSTRY FOR 17 Years + and in Luxury. TO IMPROVE AND MAINTAIN HIGH STANDARDS OF LUXURY and Customer Service before and after sales services.

Specialties: OPERATIONS, BUSINESS DEVELOPMENT, CUSTOMER SERVICE. PERSONALITY DEVELOPMENT. To create a lasting impression on customers to trust you. TRAINING, CRM, MERCHANDISING, Marketing & Sales, Branding Building, Expert in Luxury & Retail.
On the expert panel

Professional Consultant

I have been associated with some of the top comanpies in India and Globally, I come with 19 years of experience,

Luxury Consultant

An expert in Luxury and Experience and I understand the needs of a customer to provide the best service

Professional Consultant

Training And Development Consultant at Kalpataru Limited

Jan 2018 - Present

Training and Development intervention to add value to the Sales Associate's across the various properties, being able to project the areas of Training required. Visit to the various sites as a suprise customer to evaluate the experience and service of the Luxury properties. Deliver Training Programs to sales team Provide on-site hand holding coaching support on skills To create content on domain & skills Conduct training need analysis thru field observations Measure program effectiveness through productivity, and create plan of action

Luxury Mentoring at FAD International Academy

Dec 2017 - Present

Teaching part-time at FAD to add value to the young professionals, a module in Luxury Management

Luxury Consultant at Independent Collector

Nov 2017 - Present

Luxury Consultant for a client in Europe, assistance in Business Development from introduction to vendor to completion of business transaction.

Luxury Sales Training at Challenging Horizons

Jan 2017 - Present

My association with the organisation is to be their vendor for all Luxury sales Training's for their clients, and providing and creating training's as per the requirement of each client. To follow a Pre & Post training check in order to the value add to the employees and key areas of improvement. The Training is to teach the individuals how to Sell Luxury, Give a Luxury Persona, Feel Luxury and more over provide Luxury Service in order to have the customer be completely loyal to your brand, by providing the best after sales services also.

Consultant at Advantus Global Inc

Jun 2016 - Present

Consultations with their clients on various forums from Business, Retail to Different Luxury and Premium customer behavior and patterns of spending, Brand perception by customers and the loyalty to one brand to another. My consultations are telephonic and are for 60-90 min and i charge 250-300 $

Luxury Expert Consultant at Gerson Lehrman Group, Inc.

Oct 2015 - Present

Consulting on Retail and Luxury and the Market trends and the changes. Help International companies understand the Indian market and business. Perspective of an Indian customer on trends, fashion etc.My charges are 60-90 min telephonic consultation which i charge 250-300$


Sep 2015 - Present

To Train the staff about Luxury and the difference in a Lux customer and other individuals. Poise, Etiquette, Grooming, Corporate Dressing, Soft Skills, General awareness of Luxury & Luxury Brands, Sales Tips

Director at Professional Consultant

Nov 2012 - Present

Taking up work as a consultant in Retail, Marketing, Sales Strategies, Branding, Customer Service, Setting up new formats in India, Consultancy for organisations all over the world to understand the Indian Market and business ethics here. Consulting young professionals on their career path, guiding them to make the right choices.


Post Grad in Travel and Tourism at Key Plan Training Collage, UK

Jun 1995 - Nov 1996

Post Grad in Travel and Tourism in London

Hotel Management at Umass Amherst, USA

Aug 1991 - Apr 1993

Under grand in Boston, USA


Recognition in Luxury and Brand Building

Ward for Luxury and Brand Building

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